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This second article today is  coming to you a tad later than I wanted it to but as you know we had the awesome opportunity to interview the Writer of this book for the Podcast, so that has set the review back a little I will post the Interview later in the post for Y’all. Here is the 365Verdict on the Comic though.

Vikings #1

Written by Cavan Scott… Art by Staz Johnson… Published by Titan Comics… On Sale April 27th

Comic Corner is my way of dipping my toe back into the Comic Book well. So far it has been pretty damn fruitful. Titan Comics have a new book that has jVikings_1_CoverAust hit the shelf that got me instantly interested. A companion Mini Series to the History Channels TV show Vikings. A show that I myself have been enjoying (Not fully caught up but getting there). It also helps that it is written by a dude who I now have first hand proof that he knows his onions on this specific time period.

This Book starts during a period of the 3rd Season and tells the story of Ragnar and his guys trying to settle in Wessex. Feelings are fragile as Floki is growing weary of the Ragnars relationship with the Christians. Rollo is just not making any friends where ever he goes as usual. We even get to check in with Ragnars wife back at Kattegat. Ragnar’s presence is requested by the Christians and he asked for help in a certain matter.

There really is not a whole lot to talk about in this first issue, its your typical first issue in which we get to meet the characters who are going to be our main players. For instance Floki seems to have taken up a more central role in the Comic even providing us with some damn fine narration. I know he is pivotal to the show but he always just seems to be there. It pays a lot of service to reminding us where the characters were at this time and in turn this will help shape our view on where they are now in the show.

This book is in some highly capable hands with a great writer who has been in love with Viking Lore since he was a child so you know if its in the book it will be steeped in truth (well as truthful as a story set in this period can be) Its written with a great understanding of the characters and there surroundings. Lets just talk about Staz Johnson for a moment. In my review for Dr Who: Ninth Dr I made the comment of the super realistic look of the Characters not being my cup of tea in comics. Well Staz’s capture of these characters from the show is truly a thing to be admired, So far we have mostly seen Floki but this is a character that could easily go the other way and look way to comic book like but his trademark looks are captured perfectly. 


I like this Book and think it serves as good companion to an already great show. Could you pick up this book if you dont watch the show?? Yeah I think you could, we are provided with a little blurb at the start about who and where our characters are. If you do watch the show this is a cool as balls way to get more from your favorite players. Personally I look forward to Issue #2 and seeing where this goes.

Kevin Haldon


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Sooooo Yeah the Interview. We had the chance to interview Cavan Scott for the Podcast about Vikings and Dr Who: Ninth Dr (Also published by Titan Comics). He was such a gent and a great guy to speak to. A nerd to the core like us. We spoke all things really including his past works, current works and hopes for future work. We even got his opinion on BvS and found out the work he is doing on Star Wars comic books is 100% canon. Hell I am in spoiler territory here, Listen to the Interview. He is also a member of the Dennis the Menace fan club.