Indie Review: Award Winning Tri Makes It’s Way to VOD

An Inspirational Piece Showing Us that Even in The Face of Adversity, Who are We to not Achieve Greatness??

After having recently watched and reviewed the great Sports Documentary Ice Guardians (See previous posts). When Tri dropped into my lap it felt like the right time to give it a go and boy am I glad I did… 

Tri will be released on Digital HD December 13 on the following platforms:  iTunes, Amazon, InDemand, Google Play, Sony, Vudu, Microsoft and Hoopla.

Where do I start with Tri?? Okay. First off this is not so much a documentary as it is a scripted carefully and accurately portrayed story of a Triathletes journey from start to finish. On  paper you have to wonder what is there to keep you in this flick, well I am here to tell you fine people, A LOT.

We open the movie with Natalie played by Award Winning Actress Jensen Jacobs. Natalie is an Ultrasound Technician and after an appointment with a cancer suffering patient she is Inspired to sign up for a Triathlon. We find she is met by some hesitance from her friends and family as Natalie has trouble finishing just about everything she stajensen-jacobs-bike-300x157rts. The difference here though is that she signs up with a cast of great characters who all have there own inspiring stories to tell. Natalie is introduced to a world she was not prepared for and must look deep inside herself to get to the end of this journey.

Of course while this is primarily Natalie’s story we have a colorful set of team members for her to rely on. Each member of this team bringing a depth to this movie that… I wont lie to you… not only surprised me at points by moved me at others. This movie starts out as one thing and hits you with a one two punch of Sentiment and Inspiration. Leaving you wondering “who am I to feel sorry for myself? When people can show this kind of strength.”

 TRI is now available for pre-order on iTunes in the US, Canada

I am not going to delve any further into this plot wise, because I really want you guys to support this movie and give it your attention. In my humble opinion I can honestly say that I believe this movie should be seen. Not only is this a well made and carefully told story but the acting talent on display is on point and its truly no wonder this movie is a hit with the critics and winning a boat load of awards. Just have a look below.

TRI has won the following awards:

2016 Boston International Film Festival
                WINNER – Indie Spirit Best Story Line Award
2016 Northern Virginia International Film and Music Festival (NOVA)
                WINNER – Film of the Year
                WINNER – NOVA Award
                WINNER –  Best Inspirational Feature Film
                WINNER – Best Family/Faith-based Feature Film
                WINNER – Best Actress Feature Film – Jensen Jacobs
                RUNNER-UP – Best Cinematography
                RUNNER-UP – Best Editing
2016 Atlantic City Cinefest
                WINNER – Best Feature Dramedy
                WINNER – Best Actress Feature Dramedy – Jensen Jacobs
                WINNER – Best Supporting Actor Feature Dramedy (Chris Dyer)
2016 Chesapeake Film Festival
                WINNER – Best Narrative Feature Film
                WINNER – Best Actress Feature Film (Jensen Jacobs)
                WINNER – Best Actor Feature Film (Chris Dyer)

Director and Co-Writer Jai Jamison had this to say about his movie and its subject… “Triathletes who run races and folks who do endurance sports, this film is for them, But it’s also for anyone going through any type of adversity, or challenge. It’s for anyone who has had to push through obstacles, both external and internal, to complete something. We want this film to inspire, as well as entertain.”

I just wanted to end with a little word from the director there, And just one last thing, Watch this flick when it is released on the 13th of December. You will not regret it… Hey whats wrong with being inspired??


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