There’s Only Room in this Band for one Hysterical Queen (122)

Chris is back in the booth with Kev to talk about all the Movies, Tv, Books and Games you can shake a stick at. Yes its true Red Dead 2 did come out but they managed to squeeze in some watching time.

As usual we kick off the Intro and Banter talking about Tracey Birdsall and Neil Johnson having lost the homes in the California fires. 24 Little Hours has its first big screening, Stairs is coming along nicely and Black Site is getting the animated Tv treatment.

News time and its full to the rafters…

We talk about our time at Scotland Comic Con For The Love of 80s for a bit, Thank you to Monoploy Events for taking care of us.

Chilling adventures of Sabrina was the Just the Pilot, how did we rate it?

What have we been watching? quite a bit as it goes as Kev gushes of the Queen Biopic then tears apart House of Cards Season 6. While Chris has been reading Cunk on Everything.

Top5 is a bit different this time as we go head to head with our top5 bad ass movies characters. With our two finalists facing the public vote. Head over to twitter to let us know who wins…