The Wind – FrightFest 2019… Digital HD 2nd of September

FrightFest 2019 is here my friends and Signature Entertainment is showing up in force with no less than 10 movies showing at what is considered the “Woodstock of Gore” well so one Guillermo Del Toro tells us. We here at 365Flicks are going to try and cover as many of these flicks as we can for you lovely people and believe me there are some in here you are not gonna wanna miss.

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Director: Emma Tammi Writer: Teresa Sutherland

Stars:  Caitlin GerardJulia Goldani TellesAshley Zukerman

Well it doesnt come any more slow burning psychological horror than The Wind, let me just start there. If you are a fan of movies like The Witch from a year or two ago then I think you are going to be into this one. I was sold on the 1800s western frontier setting but as I would come to find sometimes you need just a little bit more. 

The Rundown:

The Wind is the story of Lizzy Macklin a Western Frointier plainswoman who has recently suffered the unbearable loss of her child. As with any movie set in this period Lizzy is left home alone on the ranch while her husband Isaac is off doing Husband-ly things I guess. Cue a long drawn out descent into madness as she must deal with the pain of losing the aforementioned child all alone in the lonliest, harshest western terrain imaginable. Add to all this the creepy dogs, a weird priest and the unrelenting constant wind hammering down on the cabin that just may or may not be a super creepy evil presence. I feel this sets the scene pretty well.


So let me start with some positives. Caitlin Gerard as Lizzy is great I really can’t fault her performace in the lead role and make no mistake she is doing the bulk of the heavy lifting. The cinematography from Lyn Moncrief is at times simply superb, these types of western landscapes often lend themselves to scenes that you could easily screengrab and hang on your wall but it takes a DOP with a keen eye to fully execute these shots and Moncrief for my money shines this flick up real nice. Director Emma Tammi does a great job of building tension and pacing this flick too so props all around.

I mean there is a lot in this movie for people to like. If you are a big fan of slow burn psychological horror then yes The Wind is right up your street. At no point does the movie ever make a play for the cheap scare instead opting to slowly chip away at the viewers mind state, much like the way Babadook effortlessly did.

However for me this movie is not Babadook or The Witch. Beyond the great cinematography and strong leading performance, well this one didnt do a whole lot more for me. Is it a recommend? Sure why the hell not there is 100% an audience for this movie and I can completely understand why people are taking really well to it but its not my strongest recommend, the movie is about average but you could do worse.

Signature Entertainment presents The Wind on Digital HD 2nd September 2019