Comic Corner – ‘The Troop’ Written By Noel Clarke


Writer: Noel Clarke
Artists: Joshua Cassara
Compiles Issues #1-5 128pp – £13.99 – On Sale

I am sure most of our readers or listeners of our Awesome Podcast are aware who Noel Clarke is. I mean come on we are all Geeky Fanboys here!!! No?? Okay. Noel Clarke is an up and coming British Star who is very much on the rise. As an actor he was in Cult TV show Dr Who (Eccleston’s Series) and the second Star Trek in the new franchise Into Darkness, as well as of course starring in his own directorial movies the Kidulthood trilogy. What?? Yes I said Directorial that’s right this kid doesn’t just Act, he also Directs the Movies, Writes the Movies and Sings the Theme Tune. I know you all know who Noel is and for damn good reason.

BUT… Did you know he is also the writer of his own Superhero Comic Book (sort of). That’s right people, I have been reading his foray into the Comic medium for a few months now and I wanted bring you a cheeky review about the collected trade of the first 5 issues of The Troop.


The Troop is a fantastically Dark, Twisted and dare I say it fun story about a group Hmmmm Individuals that all have one thing in common (well soon to be two). The first is that they all seem to have these life changing extremely devastating superthe_troop_preview-5 powers (See Sort of Superhero-y). We are told the pretty F’d up stories one by one of how these people have found there powers and the unwanted attention it has drawn from super secret Men-In-Black type guys. Oh the second thing, A Bruce Wayne/ Professor X (minus wheelchair) type comes to there aid to seemingly help them, but as we read through the first 5 issues all may not be as it seems with our mysterious Benefactor.

I really don’t want to give a great deal away because this Trade is fantastic and you really just have to read it. Noel Clarke is a great writer but this is already evident in his Movie work so far. He gets this Ordinary people in extraordinary situations type deal and brings us something that echos the best parts of Chronicle, Mis-Fits (Channel 4 TV show) Heroes, Kick-ass and of course because he is essentially a Geek like you or I you can expect plenty of cheeky references. Add to all that Joshua Cassara on art is perfect with his blend of realism matched some slight Absurdity which I personally tend to find is where you book can live or die. It matched the story beat for beat and the Art is bloody nice.

I would love for you all to give this book a chance and I for one will be reading more because well like any good Book this one ends with you chomping at the bit for more. The good folks over at Titan Comics have got a winner with this title and I cant wait to continue this story.

I don’t really do ratings so just take my word for it and read this book.


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