The Neil Johnson/ Tracey Birdsall Dream Team Sign Up for EVOLUTION WAR…

Last week they brought us breaking news of the upcoming sci-fi action thriller Evolution War from director Neil Johnson, and now we finally get a peek into the images from the film. 

When it ain’t broke, why fix it?. This certainly seems to be the mantra for director Neil Johnson who seems to have found his Linda Hamilton (Millennials get that reference, right?) in Tracey Birdsall his blonde bad ass bombshell. With a growing number of collaborations already Tracey and Neil have recently announced they are bringing us another, and to be honest I could not be happier. No this has got nothing to do with the fact Tracey came on 365Flicks to talk about her upcoming projects and was genuinely awesome to talk to, it also has nothing to do with the fact Neil listens to our show… Well okay its a little bit about that but still.

What these guys are accomplishing on the budgets they have is amazing and these movies always look great so I am always eager to see what is coming next and luckily we have some pretty dope images to tide us over but first here is the rub…

Tracey Birdsall, whose extensive credits just this year include the award-winning Sony release “Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter” and the romantic comedy released just two weeks ago “Who’s Jenna…?” , plays Angel-D, a hero of the great machine war who returns to Earth to discover a terrible plague has wiped out humanity in the science-fiction movie. She is forced to build an army of robots to battle creatures that are taking over the surface of the Earth.
Described as a mix of “Terminator” and “Pacific Rim”  Evolution War also features Marilyn Ghiglioti (“Clerks’’), Brooke Lewis (‘’Starship: Rising’’), Tony Gibbons (who previously voiced Hoagland in ‘’Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter’’), and in her first feature film Vishani Miller.
I am sure the guys will keep us posted on more info as they have it but for now lets just feast on the images we have until we get closer to our release… Also Marilyn Ghiglioti though, as someone who really got into the more independent side of movies upon my first viewing of Clerks its always a joy to see Marilyn on screen!!!

Evolution War is set to be released late Summer 2018!