The Furies – FrightFest 2019… Digital HD 16th September

FrightFest 2019 is here my friends and Signature Entertainment is showing up in force with no less than 10 movies showing at what is considered the “Woodstock of Gore” well so one Guillermo Del Toro tells us. We here at 365Flicks are going to try and cover as many of these flicks as we can for you lovely people and believe me there are some in here you are not gonna wanna miss.

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Director:  Tony D’Aquino Writer:  Tony D’Aquino

Stars:  Airlie DoddsLinda NgoTaylor Ferguson

I tell you what fellow film fans, leave it to the bloody Aussies to come up with something this messed up and wonderful. Now I love a good Australian slasher horror movie like everyone else (Wolf Creek still gives me the willies) and those guys sure do have a warped sensebillity on them but when you throw in a really strong leading female that I can cheer for, well you have my money… Ladies and Gents Airlie Dodds may just be my new one to watch going forward because oh my christ she is a bad ass in this flick.

Setting the scene

It truly is a tale as old as time itself to be honest… Kayla (Airlie Dodds) and friend Maddie are out and about causing trouble and spraying grafitti all over the place. Their lives are about to take a bit of a turn when the young women are kidnapped and soon find themselves in black boxes out in a forest someplace. Not too bad so far right? Wrong!!! Turns out they are not alone in the forest. There are 6 other girls running about the forest and each one of them has been assigned Axe/Machete/Hammer wielding masked maniacs. The battle for survival has become all to real and it turns out Kayla may just be a little bit scarier than her would be hunters.

As I said up top I have an affinity for Aussie slasher movies and this one is no exception. It has all the tropes you could could possibly ask for. Numerous casulaties suffering horrific and dare I say it pretty inventive and original deaths. An absolute knock out bad ass leading female character in Airlie Dodds delivering dialogue full of piss and vinegar and dispatching our members of Slipknot in wonderous fashion. You always need that supporting role of “Oh she is a little bit of a bitch” and Linda Ngo as Rose played that perfect. Some of the dialogue is a bit cheeseball but you know what I love cheeseball so sue me and most of all its a fun if slightly disturbing movie.

Writer/Director Tony D’Aquino absolutely knows his audience for this flick and serves them well. While it plays as a slasher he is sneaking some of the more Cabin in the Woods suprising elements in there right under our noses. With this being his feature film debut I will always cut a little bit of slack but in honesty all my boxes were ticked on this front so job well done and the best of all is that its not played for laughs, even though it did get a couple nervous ones out of me.

Yes, Yes, Yes this is a recommend and a strong one too. Its like Ronseal and does exactly what it says on the tin. God I do love me some messed up Australian flicks.  

Signature Entertainment presents The Furies on Digital HD 16th September 2019