Tekken #1 (of 4) Titan Comics

Writer: Cavan Scott

Artist: Andie Tong

On Sale May 3rd 2017

Titan Comics are known for there Tie-In franchise books, with the plethora of Dr Who, the fantastic Vikings and the on-going Penny Dreadful to name a few. However I was slightly hesitant to hear they would be bringing one of my favorite Beat Em Up video games to the page, of course the next thing I read was that it was in Cavan Scotts hands… and… well, suffice to say my doubts were quashed.

The game tie-in in question is the Iconic Bandai Namco franchise that is Tekken and holy crap is this book a ton of fun. Right from the get go with our first couple of pages we are given a typical Cavan Scott opener. We have our character intros in flashy little boxes like a character selection screen. I was having a great time seeing who we would be spending time with but then it struck me how incredibly well laid out these pages were, huge credit to Andie Tong on the art for really making this intro not only pop but actually feel like you were going through a ’94 game intro. Which is all gravy because according to solicits and what not, this is taking off from Tekken 7, so I myself needed these pages.

The story itself kicks right into gear from the outset with some balls to wall action serving as a way to quickly introduce us to everyone and set up the arc of what is to come without getting bogged down with exposition. Scott and Tong are saying “this is the story, these are the characters… now lets have some bloody fun”. So ill leave my plot synopsis at that hahaha, I know right not much to on.

Oh hell okay then… Umm… Our would be heroes come together after being ambushed by the baddies and Paul Pheonix comes to the rescue, oh Panda may or may not have fleas!!

For me this is the strength of this book, it is so much fun. A nice quick read and I got the sense throughout these guys were just enjoying writing or drawing for a series that you can pretty much guarantee they have played through the years.

I have mentioned the art briefly above but it is worth a mention that Tong has an extremely keen eye for who these guys are, I mean seriously some of these outfits are insanely well detailed which as we know is the cornerstone of any Beat Em Up (Costume selection).

From us here at 365HQ this is a strong recommend, we are big fans of Cavan and what he is doing at Titan and this book is no different. A bunch of fun to be had if you can just relax into it. I look forward to getting some real meat on the bones of this story but as a #1 issue its spot on and does everything you would want it to.

We had Cavan on the Podcast last year to talk about Dr Who, Vikings and his work on Star Wars. Go seek out that episode when you get a minute.


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