Tank Girl: Two Girls One Tank #1… Comic Corner (Titan Comics)

This was a No-Brainer for me, of course I was going to review this book. Not only does its Writer and Creator live in the same town as me, but there was a movie made back in ’95 based on the property (although from some of interviews I have read, Alan Martin was not to keen on the big screen adaptation). However I digress, Titan sent us at 365HQ a review copy of the new Tank Girl about to hit the shelves and I instantly dove into the book with Glee.

Tank Girl: Two Girls One Tank #1

Written By Alan Martin… Art By Brett Parson… Published By Titan Comics… On Sale May 18th 2016

Shit… This book comes right out the gate with all the sensibilities of previous installments. It is colorful as all hell (not just the Art but also the languagTankGirl_2G1T_1_Cover_Be). Right that might be a good place to start. This is not Spider-Man or Iron Man or any of that playing it safe for the child friendly market stuff. Tank Girl was never aimed directly at that audience and it jumps straight back into its stride with #1 of this new on-going series. I mean come on its called Two Girls One Tank for Christ sake which instantly identifys everything you need to know about what you are about to read.

A regular run of the mill Thursday afternoon in downtown Sydney is how this book opens, we meet Gallery owner Magnolia Jones and her assistant the aptly named Rob Roy Fingerhead. Magnolia receives a new consignment to the gallery and she instantly recognizes it as not just any Tank but the one and only Tank Girl’s Tank. We are given a touch of exposition on how Tank Girl lost her pride and joy then we Smash-Cut to being Balls Deep in Wagga Wagga Teritory.

We are re-acquainted with Tank Girl her Kangaroo husband Booga and there best friend Barney. Booga is trying his damnedest to play down the loss of the Tank but all Tank Girl wants to do is tool up and go get some fast cash. Such is Magnolia’s obsession with the Tank and the legend of Tank Girl that we get 3 fantastic pages of art showing us how she transforms from straight laced gallery owner to a badass punk chick. 

The run in to the end of Issue 1 is pretty much Tank Girl getting wind of a job for some quick cash from a dodgy dude named Decaf Dave which is not all as it seems. Magnolia going off the reservation trying to be like our Hero. Question is what happens if there paths cross…


Read it and find out!!. On Sale May 18th 2016

My Knowledge of this book is limited and if I am completely honest the only reason I picked up and issue back in the day was due to the ’95 movie, which I still think holds up and is a guilty pleasure of mine. I always did love this character and how she was written. Alan Martin has a great way with his dialogue that while could be somewhat shocking in other settings completely fits this world and these crazy outlandish characters. There is more than enough in this book to satisfy fans old and new which is always pleasing and Martin throws us subtle little nods to what we are in store for, leaving me feeling as happy as a pig in S… Well you know. Brett Parson nails the art of this book, not too adult that we lose a sense of how wacky this is supposed to be but also not to much the other way that it could be mistaken as a kids book (saying this, the inclusion of the C bomb ensures this wont happen). As I eluded to before if you want a sense of how good this partnership is check out Brett’s 3 page transformation of Magnolia. Subtle, Beautiful and Genius. Very few Words but highlight of the issue for me. Plus its helps that both our main characters are sexy as hell, Brett if you see this “I Thank You”.

So in conclusion I highly rate this book, I jumped in with both feet and the water was damn warm. Its fun It’s chaotic It’s Tank Girl. I look forward to the next issue so we can continue down this road.


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