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Steve Mitchell’s KING COHEN in theatres from July 27!

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The highly anticipated documentary King Cohen, the true story of writer, producer, director, creator and all-around maverick, Larry Cohen,  will receive a full theatrical run across the U.S – including Los Angeles and New York – beginning July 27 courtesy Dark Star Pictures.

As a HUGE movie fan of not just your big budget cinema releases but also the indie, cult and micro budget releases. I always get excited to see a doc about how these guys are getting there vision to screen and one of the legends of late 70s/80s low budget exploitation movies is the Man the Myth the Legend Larry Cohen. Love or hate the movies of Cohen you have to show a certain amount of respect to him as a Writer, Producer and Director for what he did with what he had. This documentary gives a great insight into how the man worked from some the biggest names in the industry and the people surrounding him.

Cohen, best known for resourceful low-budget horror and thriller films that combine social commentary with prerequisite scares and welcome humour, is responsible for celluloid classics including Black CaesarIt’s AliveQ: The Winged Serpent, and The Stuff. He was also a major player in the Blaxploitation films of the 1970s, as well as a prominent Hollywood screenwriter (Phone Booth).


I myself have always known about Cohens work and they usually get to live in that section of my Fandom that I affectionately call (Guilty Pleasures Open in Emergency) however for everything I knew about this maverick film maker who rumour has it was filming his movies without the cast knowing they were in one half the time (think Bowfinger). Well for everything I knew there was a barrage of things in this documentary I had no idea about. We learn some of theses outrageous stories and outlandish tales of a man who was fuelled by insane passion and a ton of talent from the man who pretty much invented Guerrilla film making.

The acclaimed film features interviews with such industry luminaries as Martin Scorsese, J.J Abrams, Joe Dante, Mick Garris, John Landis, Fred Williamson as well as Cohen himself. Cohen’s remarkable one-of-a-kind career, from 60’s TV series creator (Branded, The Invaders), to 70’s and 80’s independent film icon and beyond, is chronicled with freewheeling and insightful verve.

Steve Mitchell has captured a wonderful piece of work revolving around one of cinemas greatest pieces of work as Mitchell takes us from the beginnings of Cohens career on TV in the 60s to his prolific work on Blaxsploitaion through the 70s and 80s to writing one of my favorites of the 90s (Phone Booth) by tackling each project one by one. We hear some really interesting stories from some of the guys who knew him best and get a real good personal loving look at Larry Cohen and his long spanning career.






Winner of the 2017 Fantasia Fest Best Documentary Feature Audience Award, King Cohen hails from Rondo Award-winning writer/director Steve Mitchell, whose film and television credits include co-writing the beloved cult horror/comedy Chopping Mall. King Cohen is a La-La Land Entertainment production, in association with Big And Tall Pictures and Off The Cliff Productions. It is directed and produced by Steve Mitchell and produced by Matt Verboys and Dan McKeon.

King Cohen begins its theatrical run July 27 in markets including Los Angeles and New York.
Special event screenings of the film will also be held throughout July and August in cities including Asheville, VA and Yonkers,NY.

If you have the chance to go see it on the big screen and your a fan of Documentary’s well I would recommend the crap out of this one not only is it a chance to let your B-Movie geek flag fly but its interesting and a ton of fun to see what went into these classics.


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