Stairs Pt2… Alana Wallace & Toby Osmond (130)

Yes that is right we are finally here with Pt2 of our coverage of Tom Patons upcoming Stairs movie.


We kick off with Alana Wallace in her 365Flicks debut. We get to talk about her career to date and dive into her time on the Stairs, while also discovering Alana was once in a Girl Band.

Then we are joined by a familiar guest on the show, yes its our man about town Toby Osmond who is back to not tell us anything about an HBO show he may or may not be in, all about his time on the stairs and on Tom Patons following flick G-Loc and he makes time to have a sit down pee mid podcast.

Listen out for more on Stairs. Buy Black Site on release and keep an eye out for a G-Loc episode coming soon.