Plagued: The Miranda Chronicles Volume 2 **Kickstarter**

A country gripped by pandemic. A witch. A witch-hunter. His talking dog. Things are going to get messy.

Well Friends it is that time again… Time to jump all over a Kick-starter and help pimp the ever loving hell out of it, and this one is super special to us. You see way back in September of 2015 we were invited as guests to attend Glasgow Film and Comic Con and while we were there we had the pleasure of meeting the guys from BHP Comics a Glasgow based independent comic publisher. One of the books they were shilling was a book called Plagued: The Miranda Chronicles, we could not talk highly enough about this comic, a refreshing break from capes and spandex. It took us a couple months but eventually in November on Ep #21 we were thrilled to have Gary Chudleigh (the Writer and Creator of Plagued) and Sha Nazir (The Big Cheese at BHP) come on the show and talk to us about Comic book writing and publishing on what we consider to be our first official Indie Talk (We didn’t have a name for it back then though). We loved Vol 1 and although we are still yet to meet Gary face to face we have struck up a great friendship and when he said that Vol 2 was about to launch a crowdfunding campaign… Well of course we want to get in and help out in any way we can.

God that was a long winded opener… So yes Gary, Tanya and the BHP Comics gang are Kick-starting Vol 2 of Plagued and we want to tell you why you should be getting involved…

  • First off Vol 1 is not only a well written gorgeously drawn comic but it is also an Award winning book. That’s right Vol 1 picked up two Scottish Independent Comic Book Alliance (SICBA) Awards for Best Comic and Best Artist.
  • It has something for practically everyone. It has all the fun and playfulness of a younger audience comic but the strength and depth of a more mature readers book.
  • Who doesn’t like Disney, Star Wars, Buffy, Harry Potter or just plain old Sci-Fi… That’s right Plagued has pretty much every corner of Geekdom covered.


The guys understand the new way of thinking when it comes to comics, they understand you have to engage with your audience, that you really need to build a community around the story. This is why they have taken to Kick-starter for Vol 2 and have some truly wonderful Perks on offer. The only thing better than knowing someone is creating there passion, is getting to be a part of the community making that happen. Have a cheeky look below at what you could recieve with a donation as little as £5…

I hope upon checking out the Kickstarter you feel compelled to help Gary and Tanya get Vol 2 done. The Story is already there and Tanya is working away on the art and trust us when we say this book will look gorgeous I mean come on Tanya draws Star Wars books every now and then.

Get behind Plagued before the Plague gets you, Sorry I couldn’t help that one

You can support the Campaign by clicking HERE… or on the pictures above, they will take you straight to the page.