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Plagued: The Miranda Chronicles

Written By Gary Chudleigh.. Art and Colours By Tanya Roberts.. Lettering By Colin Bell

I am not exactly known for being a massive Comic Book reader. However with the massive popularity of long runnplagueding series like The Walking Dead and the plethora of Comic Book Superhero Movies at the box office these days. I have been feeling it was maybe time to start picking the Books back up, but where to start??? 

Well good reader I am about to clue you into a Comic book that Chris and I were lucky enough to be given review copies of. We snagged this comic a while back and reviewed it on the Podcast which subsequently led to getting the Award winning writer on for a chat along with one of the owners of the publishing company that put the Book out there. I would have written this article sooner but hey we just got the Site back up so Shut up.

Plagued: The Miranda Chronicles is a great story about a Post Apocalyptic Glasgow. A plague has swept the nation of Scotland and destroyed everything leaving a wasteland behind it. We meet Thomas Mackie and his dog Dex (This pleased Chris straight away, His dog is called Dexter). Mackie doesn’t seem to be all there and is pretty comfortable holding conversations with his faithful companion. He wanders the wasteland hunting down Witches. Believed to be the cause of the Pandemic these people of extra ordinary powers are hunted down to stand trial. All Thomas Mackie is really working towards is to buy his way into the so called Promised Land, An area free from infection. This is of course until he meets Miranda a witch who is able to show Mackie that all may not be as it seems…

Obviously I am not going to go into too much detail what would be the point in that. I have read the first 3 Issues and I have to say for someone trying to get back into Comics this was a fantastic place to start. A story set in a city only a couple hours away from me. A location I am fairly familiar with. The book is written using some of the native tongue of the city its set in (Weegie) but not laying it on so thick you would never understand just the odd word or phrase here and there. A story that could be set anytime but with the Futuristic/Apocalyptic nature gives it a sort of Star Wars/ Mad Max feeling, Two movies mashed together that in theory sound terrible but on the page look great. This book had me hooked from the first couple pages, its a highly relate-able tale and Mackie is the sort of Protagonist you can root for which is partly to do with the fact I felt as a reader I knew as much as he did about the situation. 

Gary Chudleigh – Writer

As I said this book is written by an Accomplished Award winning writer. Gary Chudleigh is based in Glasgow (Makes Sens11698598_10154013563952729_6202269404835712383_ne) and has been plugging away at the industry for about 7-8 years. He is now mostly known as the writer of this fine book but also has a number of short stories under his belt. Plagued earned Gary and his team 5 SICBA nominations (Scottish Independent Comic Book Alliance) including Best Comic, Best Artist and Best Writer. They won Best Comic and Best Artist for Tanya Roberts.

Tanya Roberts – Art And Colors

Tanya Roberts does the Art and Colors for this book and from a personal stand point the Art was why Chris and I approached these guys. It grabs your eye and is a perfect partner to go with the story and setting. Tanya has some pedigree too when it comes to her work. Having worked on Books like Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Add to all this she is a bloody cool woman, we met her at Newcastle Comic Con last November and she was such a joy to speak to. For a sense of her art style check out he Deviant Art (EnolianSlave) page.

Chris and I love this book. Chris has even bought the Trade Paper Back version that has been released of the first 3 Issues. I cant wait for the next Issue to drop and I recommend if you are looking for something new to read and want to support Indie creatives this is the book for you. Sooooo get to the Website and order it now at a very affordable price.

Where you can buy This Title…

Here are some neat little links for You all so you can go grab yourselves a copy of Plagued: The Miranda Chronicles.

Plagued: The Miranda Chronicles – Trade Paper Back download (5)

I also mentioned that we did an interview on our Podcast with Gary and the head honcho of the company that published this fine book. That company is called BHP Comics and is run b three awesome dudes below i will post the episode where we got to chat and a link to the website where you can find all there other published works. Books like Laptop Guy which is another great book written by Sha Nazir. These guys are all ultra creative and just all round great dudes.

BHP Comics Website

Laptop Guy – Collected Edition

Thanks Everyone this is the first article in what i will be calling Comic Corner… 

Kevin Haldon