Perfect Blue Celebrates its 20th Anniversary in Cinemas

Exclusive screenings Friday 27th October and in cinemas nationwide 31st October

Director: Satoshi Kon (“Millennium Actress”, “Paprika”, “Tokyo Godfathers”)
Screenplay: Sadayuki Murai (“Blame!”, “Millennium Actress”)
Studio: Madhouse (“Redline”, “Summer Wars”)

Junko Iwao (“Cardcaptor Sakura”, “Neon Genesis Evangelion”)
Rica Matsumoto (“Pokémon”, “Mobile Suit Victory Gundam”)
Masaaki Ōkura (“Akira”, “Samurai Champloo”)
Shinpachi Tsuji (“Naruto”, “Fairy Tail”)

You read that headline right folks, Perfect Blue is getting a beautiful big screen re-release this October the 27th to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of this Beautiful, Important, Impactful, Provocative and somewhat timeless Debut movie from Satoshi Kon. If your at all a fan of Anime or even just have a passing interest, you have heard of Kon’s work during his short lived career and you will definitely know Perfect Blue.

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I myself was extremely excited to see that we were getting another chance to see this on the big screen having only watched Perfect Blue once. Upon my first viewing I will admit I was slightly younger so didn’t really understand (or was Naive to) the context of this movie. A big problem among the Celebrity Elite in Japan, well if current events are showing us, its been a big problem for Hollywood too.

The Pitch:

Mima Kirigoe (Junko Iwao) is one third of an extremely successful chart-topping girl group “CHAM”. As is always the way with these successful groups, the most talented of them decides its time to spread her wings and move into acting when the role of a lifetime comes along. An edgy, violent drama is exactly what she needs to shake her girl group image and make sure she is taken seriously. However all is not sweet roses in the land of milk and honey as Mima is about to discover. Her real life begins to imitate the Art. As she is getting deeper into her role and things begin to intensify on screen she also discovers she has an obsessed stalker and people she is close to are starting to get hurt.


What follows could be seen as a bizarre set of circumstances or it could be that the role is causing Mima’s descent into madness. One thing is for sure Satoshi Kon isn’t going to spoon feed you or sugar coat the facts. He wants to keep you guessing right till the last frame what is real? what are Mima’s dillusional fears?. Then your left with a sense of “Shit, that was messed up”.

It takes one hell of a ballsy and confident director to shine a light on this topic (especially on his debut), even in the anime world, to think Perfect Blue was released 20 years ago and is completely relevant today. Just another reason you should never dismiss what Anime has to offer. A superbly crafted story, some brilliant performances and striking imagery that in my opinion sticks with you for days much the same as the first time you watched Irreversible.

Satoshi Kon’s career may have been cut tragically short and the world potentially robbed of decades’ worth of more stories, yet the consistent quality of his filmography will remain unrivalled by many with whole lifetimes still ahead of them.

I whole heatedly recommend you catch Perfect Blue in the cinema for the Re-Release, if you have never seen it before it is completely worth your time, if its a re-watch then I guarantee you are revisiting an absolute diamond.





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