Indie Review: Peelers available On Demand March 28

Director – Sevé Schelenz (Skew)

Writer – Lisa Devita

Starring – Wren Walker, Caz Odin Darko and Madison J. Loos

Last night I watched a movie that was so rotten that not only was I not able to write a review for it, but I felt like a needed a palette cleanser. When I received the trailer for Peelers I thought to myself ‘A Zombie Horror Comedy set in a Strip Club sooooo Boobies’ okay I am in lets have a look at Peelers. Holy crap was this the palette cleanser I needed.

Blue Jean (Wren Walker) is an ex Major League Baseball player seeing out her days as the super sexy, super sassy owner of a small-town strip club. BJ (ha BJ) has decided tonight is going to be her last night as she sells up to some local douche-bag who has every intention of pulling the place down. So with this being Blue’s last night she wants it to go out with a bang and we are introduced to all the right characters to make this happen (Mostly diaper wearing peeing on stage strippers). Throw in some recently exposed to some crazy shit coal miners, a mass blood bath and shenanigans and this movie becomes less Striptease and more From Dusk till Dawn.

This  movie is an absolute riot, I had so much fun watching this and was pleasantly surprised with what waited around every corner. So often an independent movie can either be great but look terrible or Terrible but look great. I found Peelers to be both it looks great and is great. The movie looks polished as hell for a movie that I assume didn’t have the biggest budget. The script from Lisa DeVita is refreshingly original but manages to throw most of the Zombie tropes at us that we know and love, remember people jump scares can still be effective. Dialogue wise the chemistry and banter just flows.

Seve Schlenz has turned out a great movie here and considering this is second Feature as a director you really wouldn’t know it. Lets talk about effects for a second. Its pretty much all practical, which you would expect. Great care and attention has been taken by the team to make them A. Scary but B. not shit. The cast is on point making this a fun as hell enjoyable romp (with Boobies) from start to finish. Wren Walker as Blue Jean is incredible and you could easily draw comparisons to Uma Thurman in the bad ass stakes with this actress, I look forward to seeing her in more.

This is a solid recommend from me, it was exactly what I needed after the tripe I watched the night before. It may be indie and low budget as balls but it has more fun being exactly that than most. I genuinely thoroughly enjoyed this Flick and think you will too. You have to seek this one out. Did I mention it has Boobies???