Outlaws – DVD and Digital 18th Feb

OUTLAWS is OUT NOW on DVD and VOD by Altitude Film Entertainment

Sons of Anarchy meets Macbeth in Stephen McCallum’s directorial debut

A violent power struggle threatens to tear a motorcycle gang apart, in a gritty crime thriller featuring the stars of Wolf Creek 2 and The Neon Demon, from the makers of Black Mass and Ill Manors.

Are you a fan of Australian melodramas like the awesome Underbelly? Do you love Sons of Anarchy? How do you feel about small, contained independent performance based movies? If your answers were Yes, Yes and I Love them then this is the movie for you. Outlaws is the story of an Australian motorcycle gang dealing with some in house drama. Then of course you add some stellar performances from the likes of a seriously jacked up Matt Nable (Underbelly, Arrow, Bikie Wars)  Ryan Corr (Wolf Creek2) the ever dependable Simone Kessell (San Andreas, Terra Nova, Underbelly) and relative newcomer Abbey Lee (Mad Max: Fury Road, The Neon Demon) and your left with a sense of what could go wrong.


So lets get into what Outlaws is about. Paddo (Ryan Corr) is the VP (Vice President in case your unaware) of his beloved Motorcycle gang and while the gang leader Knuck (Matt Nable) is currently incarcerated he has been running the show. Paddo is making a real go of things with his old lady helping keep things on track. However Paddo’s brother Skink (Josh McConville) is a bit of a liability and has brought a storm to the club. Paddo seeks counsel from Knuck only to be told to wait for the day of his release in a few short days. However while Knuck seems pleased with Paddo’s work he is ready to come home and take back the throne.

With the club being split down middle it would seem Knuck will stop at nothing including murder to take back his club. While Paddo just wants to take the club to the next level and start earning that legit cash. Bring on the Men of Mayhem as a torn apart club battles for control of the family.

I mean, thank god for actors that can turn in a stellar performance. Outlaws has all the hallmarks of a movie that would instantly fall into my wheel house and become one of those “Man, you gotta check this out” movies. unfortunately I just felt like story wise Outlaws was missing something. Now I am no writer or director so far be it from me to tear Stephen McCallums work apart and that is not what I am doing here. I personally felt that the story while moving at a rapid pace just didn’t really do anything. While Paddo is our antagonist and Ryan Corr is superb I was somewhat underwhelmed by the journey he took which right up front seemed the most interesting part of the flick. I felt the final third of the movie became somewhat of a paint by numbers job and didn’t do anything unexpected which is a shame because all these actors are smashing it out of the park. The movie does look great though, Australia always look gorgeous when shot right and you can definitely say that for this movie.

With all that said this flick is a recommend. Not my strongest ever recommend but Matt Nable is pretty scary in a role not unlike a certain Russel Crowe in Romper Stomper. Ryan Corr holds this flick together and Abbey Lee is putting in a superb performance. Also its about as good a biker movie your going to see this year. So go pick it up if you have a spare hour or two and you like your biker movies with plenty of bike glory shots.