Norman #1… Comic Corner (Titan Comics)

Holy crap. It would seem that every now and then you can actually be sent something that instantly peaks your interest and then subsequently makes you wonder what the hell you just read, Then upon reflection has you feeling the urge to read more. Norman falls heavily into that category for me and for very good reason. An eccentric little tale with a fair amount of Dark Humor and mystery that by the end of Issue 1 you are literally wondering what is down that road ahead.

Norman #1

Written and Art By Stan Silas… Publisher Titan Comics… On Sale June 8th 2016

Norman is the tale of an 8 eight year old boy. Norman is a huge fan of Mass Murdering movie psychopaths like Jason Voorhees, Micheal Myers and of course Freddy Krueger. With the help of his invisible friend Thing-A-Mie he is out to recreate his favorite Murders committed by his idols. That’s the elevator pitch out of the way lets just get into this first issue. 

We start the book oNorman_1_Cover_B Stan Silasn a dark horrible night and we are introduced to a young girl entering a huge house not unlike the house out back of the Bates Motel. This is instantly setting the tone of the book but giving little away. She searches the house to find some grim crimes have apparently taken place, upon hearing voices she hides in a closet but wouldn’t you know it there is a woman hung on a hook bleeding out, She attempts to save the victim and makes a loud noise alerting the perpetrators.

Smash-Cut to two days earlier in which we are introduced to a class full of children being led by a seemingly inept female teacher who comes across as a bit of a drunken whore. Here we are told she has actually lost one of the children pre story a boy named Norman. Cut to ‘Meanwhile’ and
we meet Norman and his imaginary purple Devil on his shoulder Thing-A-Mie his dark passenger if you will (Dexter fans I know you get the reference). In these pages we given a lot of information about our main character. We find he is obsessed with serial killers to the point he is trying to emulate them but still learning his craft while his invisible friend seems to be constantly berating his style. He also finds a letter addressed to one of classmates, A girl name of Grace who it would seem has the same predNormanpreview3ilections as Norman.

Norman is not the only character to be given some time in this issue, we also get some background on Grace. We find that Grace is part of this classroom of children but while they all seem to be friends she is very much on the outside and while they all have loving parents she resides in an Orphanage (Something she neither seems to love nor hate).

I am gonna leave it there for the story because that seems enough to be getting on with but lets just say by the end of this issue Norman looks to have found his ideal companion in killing in the form of Grace and
well she doesn’t seem to having any of it and the book ends on such a tease.


I was thrilled with this book, I truly was and cant wait to see what morbid delights come in the next issues. Norman reminds me of a Chucky like character and Childsplay is one of my all time favorites. A killer kid what is not to love about that. The art of this book is also brilliant and sets a tone that reminds you of the fact that “Yes these kids are killing people but its humorous as hell and hey its a comic book”. It is not taking itself too serious and hits all the right points in my mind. I credit all of this to writer and artist Stan Silas obviously, his creativity is wonderfully matched by his vision which makes this tale so damn entertaining. 

Here at 365 We recommend Norman to anyone who likes there stories Dark and Humorous and lets face it who doesn’t. If you like TV shows like Dexter this is your cup of tea, If you like Horror movies this is your cup of tea. One Last thing before I go, I was thinking about letting my daughter read this book until I sat down and read it, This comic is not really for Kids so you have been warned. It is pretty cute though (In a way).


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