Nightshooters… Review

An Absolute blast, A must watch in Brit Independent Punchy Kicky Kung FU Comedy’s. Funny, Bold, Kick Ass, Inventive and a hell of a good way to spend an hour and 40. This movie gave me multiple eyegasms and is strong contender for my Top5 of 2018…


Its never really an easy task to take on the Punchy Kicky Comedy Action genre, often it can be a fools errand and a movie can fail to hit the mark. A few exceptions to this have been movies like Pineapple Express, Shaun of The Dead and Hot Fuzz. Of course two of the aforementioned movies are British, I bring this up because what we Brits are great at is Comedy and Action, but every now and then we come out with a superb Action-Comedy that is ripe for blowing away its audience. Nightshooters is one of those movies.

As I sit here typing this review, remembering just about every scene and some of the corker one-liners, well I’m not ashamed to say that I have a massive cheesy grin. This movie was so much fun, It blew me away, from opening to closing I never really knew what to expect or where it was going. It was like my eyes where having tiny little multiple eyegasms… The core cast of seemingly random Misfits are firing on all cylinders with comedic gold but when its time for the action to kick in BritKick superstar in waiting Jean Paul Ly is there to say “Hold my Coat” in some of the best fight choreography I have seen in a Brit movie, so impressive you almost forget there is a comedy here then BOOM your back in the room with these likeable tools. Keep an eye out for Jean Paul, I recently watched Jailbreak on Netflix and damn he is gonna go far.

How best to describe Nightshooters?. So okay, we have a film crew in a tower block and they have till morning to get the re-shoots they need before the building is torn down. In the tower block across from them there are a group of shitebag gangsters in the middle of torturing and killing  some what I assume to be bloody nice people (or not). One of our film crew unknowingly records the killing and the Gangsters are alerted to the film crews presence… Cue a game of cat and mouse with some well timed hilarity and some bloody epic Punchy Kicky Fighty scenes.

Yeah I cant praise this movie enough, its genuinely funny as hell in between the big EPIC fight moments, we have snappy and well written dialogue with wonderful delivery form the likes of Nicky Evans of TVs Shameless fame, Richard Sandling (Zapped) and the always awesome Doug Allen (Band of Brothers). However when its time top kick into high gear with the action Jean Paul Ly steps up with incredible fight scenes all as unique as the last. 365Flicks Co-host Chris and myself were sold on JPL instantly at MCM London earlier this year when he mentioned he wants to bring back the old school fighting style back to movies and its safe to say he does that with the choreography in this flick.

So the Fight scenes are awesome and the comedy is great however one thing I have not touched on yet is those beats (as I like to call them) no, not the soundtrack although it is very fitting. I mean those moments that hit you those moments that come out of nowhere and smack you square in the face. Nightshooters has a couple of these, think Superman snapping Zods neck in Man of Steel, the quietness, the surprise and add in an actor who has been dropping a ton of one liners but for this scene has gone completely In on the emotion of it all and sells the scene like a son of a bitch, Nicky Evans i’m looking at you… WOW!!! Also director Marc Price I am looking in your direction because it takes a real com-plex and talented mind to hold this Mish Mash of genres together and you sir pulled it off and then some.

This Flick is a solid 4.8 out of 5 for me, If I was to pick holes it would be nitpicking. Please head out and get the flick. You can still order Limited edition Blu-Ray till the 26th of December. It will be going normal release as of the 26th on Blu-Ray and DVD… Enjoy the flick people