365 #57 New Year Celebrations with Podcast Friends… Top5 Movies of 2016.

Thats right Folks Chris and Myself decided to end the year with a recording of our 2016 round-up episode on New Years Eve. Booosh. But I decided to draft in some Podcast Friends and we ended the year with a bang.

My daughters Ruby and Scarlet join us to wish everyone a Happy New Year.

Our good friend of the show and 1 time guest, 6 time host Haze joined us to talk News and a mini Talking Heads episode.

The Nerd Imran of Jock and Nerd joins us during our Top5s of 2016 with his input of some of our picks.

We reflect on our podcast accomplishments of 2016 when we are joined by Jim and Eric of Weird Science DC Comics Podcast and the show goes off the rails as we talk about everything from DC comics to Rogue One to the Monarchy.

Thank you to all our awesome guests for helping us see out our best year yet!!!


Girlz Melon 365Intro General Banter                                    00.00 – 08.10

Chris Haze Joins us for the News and Mini Talking Heads        08.10 – 28.05

Snake Oil Comics Promo                                                     28.05 – 28.50

Top5 of 2016                                                                      28.50 – 43.35

Imran of Jock and Nerd Podcast Joins for our #1s                 43.35 – 59.35

Astro Radio Z Promo                                                          59.35 – 1.00.0

Our Personal 2016 in Review as a Podcast                            1.00.0 – 1.16.32

Jim and Eric of Weird Science DC Comics Join Us                  1.16.32 – 2.03.15

History of Bad Ideas Promo                                                2.03.15 – 2.04.00

End Of the Episode crack to The Outro                                2.04.00 – 2.12.15


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