MCMLondon Comic Con 2018 Round-Up… Deadpool2 and Solo Reviews

Thats right folks we took a trip down to the nations capital for MCM Comic Con and met some amazing folks for interviewing and had an absolute blast.

On the Episode we have interviews with Angus Mafadyen of most notably Braveheart fame in which he played Robert the Bruce. Taylor Gray who is the voice of Ezra Bridger on Star Wars Rebels. Then its time for Khary Payton (King Ezekiel) and Cooper Andrews (Jerry) of The Walking Dead.

We break to review Deadpool2 which went to see while down in London as well. We also had a chance to meet some of our awesome previous Indie Talk guests including the awesome Toby Osmond, Danny Eycott and the ever wonderful Marc Zammit.

Back to the interviews and we The Kevin Conroy, the voice of The Batman. Brianna Hildebrand and Stefan Kapcic from Deadpool are up next and its pretty awesome. We round out our chats with GTAV voice actors Steven Ogg, Ned Luke and Shawn Fontero which is awesome.

Then its time to go but first we give our review of Solo: A Star Wars Story…


Intro and Banter                                                     00.00 – 08.56

Angus MacFadyen from Bravehearty                         08.56 – 15.56

Interlude 2 including Homeless Ashes Pimpage         15.56 – 21.47

Taylor Gray Voice of Ezra Bridger Star Wars Rebels    21.47 – 32.24

Interlude 3 Cos-Play Chat                                        32.24 – 36.29

Khary Payton and Cooper Andrews of Walking Dead   36.29 – 47.28

Interlude 4 Including Deadpool2 Review                 47.28 – 1.02.50

Kevin Conroy is The Batman                               1.02.50 – 1.13.15

Interlude 5 A drink with Danny Eycott                 1.13.15 – 1.19.08

Brianna Hildebrand and Stefan Kapicic                1.19.08 – 1.37.30

Interlude 6 comes with a bit of a Warning           1.37.30 – 1.42.55

Steven Ogg, Ned Luke and Shawn Fontero          1.42.55 – 1.51.55

Rounding out the show with Solo Review             1.51.55 – 2.24.50

Huge Thank you to the guys at MCM for having us at the Con and looking after us during our Press chats… Look out for some more episodes incoming from our time and some real interesting projects we just had to get involved in.