Indie Review: Lost Cat Corona (AKA A Cat Named Leonard)…

Holy shit people… Its Ralph freaking Macchio… I have got to admit its been some time since I saw Daniel Larusso in a movie so of course I was gonna sit down and watch this flick, what I did not expect was to find a whole cast of actors that maybe never set the world on fire but I have a certain affinity for.

Lost Cat Corona is one of those bottle movies that takes place over one day, spending time with various different characters that you just know (because Movies) will all somehow connect to each other at some point or other, you know like Crash, Kids, Clerks, or any other movie of its nature these are just the ones come to mind.

We start the flick by meeting Dominic (Ralph freaking Macchio). Dominic is a somewhat put upon and just wants to coast through life with as little drama as possible kind of guy (I can relate). On the day of his friends dads wake his wife’s cat has decided to go AWOL. His wife Connie (its only Gina bloody Gershon) is taking her mother for an operation and tells Dom “Find the cat or your out the house”. We spend the day with Dominic and his good friend Ponce (David “Batista from Dexter” Zayas) looking all around Corona for Leonard whilst bumping into a crazy cast of characters in his local neighborhood and getting caught up in some shady shit.


This is a super simple concept but works for all the right reasons. The script is as tight as you could ask and moves at a fairly rapid pace. Our cast is group of people you know and probably actually love, all giving solid great performances in a slightly off the wall comedy that gets in, moves along and gets out before outstaying its welcome.

Macchio and Zayas have cracking chemistry and with a solid as hell script form Writer/Director Anthony Tarsitano they are given room to show us a different side to themselves. Gershon is… Well… Gershon, always a pleasure to see her face on screen. We are also treated to Paul Sorvino (Goodfellas) as Uncle Sam, Sean Young (Blade Runner) and Jeff Kober (Sons of Anarchy).

Now would I recommend this Flick… Yeah I would, big time. This is one of those movies you can just put on and enjoy for what it is. If you want Action and Adrenaline, this is not your movie. If you want a well paced, superbly written, wonderfully acted good time then this is the movie for you. You know what guys, it may be because its Sunday and i’m having a lazy one or maybe i was just in the mood for this flick, I thoroughly enjoyed this one.

Did I mention Daniel Larusso is in this Flick… Whoooohooooo.