Live Action Gargoyles… Could Fan Film entice Disney???

 Carlos Ferrer’s aim is to make a feature-length version of Gargoyles with the approval of Disney…

I’m In… Check out his Fan Film below… Thanks to creative geniuses like Adi Shankar amongst many others, the rise of the Fan-Film is ensuring that the big companies have to at least take note. I mean sometimes that can lead to Haim Saban trying to sue your ass BUT nobody can watch the opening scene of Power Rangers (2017) and not think maybe Shankar should be suing them. Then there is the trailer for the Sony and Pascal Pictures (love writing that) Venom which screams Shankars Bootleg Venom. However I am going off Point… while these companies claim to be upset with these fan made homages its pretty clear they are sitting back and taking notes from the people who know these characters best. Lets be honest who wouldn’t love a Live Action Gargoyles movie??? That last question was hypothetical.

In the hope to entice Disney to approve his proposal to make a feature-length live-action take on their property Gargoyles, award-winning filmmaker Carlos Ferrer has shot a – very impressive – short fan film featuring the characters from the Greg Weisman created series (1994 to 1997).

Ferrer directed, edited, animated and scored the fan film, which features characters from the Walt Disney Television Animation and Buena Vista Television series. Like the original animated series – hailed as one Disney’s most ambitious animated series, targeting an older demographic – it tells of a clan of heroic night creatures who pledge to protect modern New York City as they did in Scotland long ago.


Director’s statement : “I need as many views as possible to convince producers and execs that my vision of a live action Gargoyles film will work for audiences and fans. It’s a rich story with a great message – a fantasy set in the real world and with today’s technology it could be fantastic. I grew up with this so I feel like I really know what has to be done. So it’s really about getting as much exposure as possible with the fans and others who may not know about the show.”

So come on people lets all get this Fan-Film watched and get the numbers up so that Disney have no choice but to look at this directors vision. Here is a little about the filmmaker.

Ferrer is an award-winning American filmmaker with over fifteen years experience in production and storytelling.

At the age of sixteen, he directed over one hundred cast and crew members on a feature-length film that later won “Best Student Feature” at the Long Island Film Festival. Ferrer studied Film at SUNY Purchase College, graduating in 2008 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre Arts & Film. His credits include the 2016 film Retina and short film The Popcorn Man.

Oh and just for nostalgia sake


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