Kick-Ass #2 (Image) Out Now…

Mark Millar and John Romita Jr bring us Kick-Ass #2 and my god its like Night and Day. If you read my review for Issue 1 you will know that I wasn’t exactly smitten with the book. Well the guys have more than made up for it. Okay Okay I know I was maybe a little harsh on the origins side of the first issue but it was just not my cup of tea and thankfully we don’t need to tread those waters anymore and we can get balls deep in some Kick-Ass action.

KICKASS #2 will remain available for purchase across all digital platforms, including the Image Comics website (, the official Image Comics iOS app, Comixology’s website (, iOS, Android, and Google Play.

Last issue we met returning home war vet Patience, upon coming home she finds her husband has left her for his assistant and her home town has become a run down shit hole… Struggling to make ends meet in her dead end waitress job, she takes up the Kick-Ass mantle to relieve some crime bosses of there ill gotten gains and clear her debts.


Patience has just finished taking out the crime bosses and walked away with a cool 40k, she plans on splitting the cash 20k to live comfy and 20k to charity. She soon begins to realise just how far 20k will get her and wonders how long it will be before she needs to go on another job. However the Baddies are onto her game and have been upping there security so Patience is going to have to really search out her next mark which includes some recon. Enter our moral compass of the issue, while Patience is doing research on her next mark she meets a young boy with some real street smarts and a shitty home life. Its here that our new Kick-Ass is about to find her way.

Huge Massive improvement from issue 1 in my opinion, we are actually starting to get somewhere with the development of our Protagonist. It was somewhat questionable what her motives were going to be moving forward but with subtle character traits and the introduction of a put upon child, we can get right behind Patience and her quest. I find myself really looking forward to next months issue and the further adventures of our new Kick-Ass. 

Top work from Millar with a really well written issue that is not only building up our protagonist but introduced what I hope to be a cool little B-plot relationship with the young lad. Romita Jr brings us some nice graphic imagery which is what you would expect in this series so I am  more than happy. You have earned my confidence, now lets keep it moving guys.

Kick-Ass #3 drops April 18th so lets see whats in-store