It’s 1986, We Are Rocket Scientists, We Work With NASA… We Are Going To Fax It!!! (124)

Yes 2019 is here, Chris and Kev are back with there regular schmegular epic. We are here to bring a bumper episode with there round up of 2018.


First up is there usual Intro and Witty banter including Chris and his world class Pimpage. Kev also updates the listeners on where some friends of the shows projects are at.

Up next is the feature review which this time around is Nathan VonMindens movie The Challenger Disaster.

News News News is here and we cover some MCU news, Holmes and Watson being panned, Kevin Spacey making unexpected christmas videos and the real reason Top Gun2 has been put back a year.

Top5 movies of 2018 is our main section and you may be surprised with some of the entry’s we have chosen.

Then its What we have been watching we our quickie reviews of the movies we watched since last episode including flicks like:

  • Fantastic Beasts 2                  Bird Box
  • Ralph breaks the Internet        The Vanishing
  • Blue Igunana                          Bumblebee
  • Mowgli                                   Narcos: Mexico

We round out this episode with our look forward to the movies coming out in 2019, some we cant wait to see and some we are not all that bothered with.

Thank you for sticking with us for the last 4 years and stick around as we get bigger and better… Happy New Year and you guys are awesome.