Is It a Director??? No Its a Lady!!! (119)

We are back after another semi hiatus and we have a cracking show for you all…

Starting with our awesome pimpage of everyones work, Well done Black Site on picking up some awesome awards. We announce our new team up with the NoPhony Podcast Network.

Next up is our regular schmegular news section about everything that has peaked our interest.

Jack Ryan was our Pilot and spoilers we loved it.

What have we been watching is full of some great films like… 

Operation Finale… Searching… 22 July… MFKZ… Malevolent… Breaking In 

And Tv Shows The Haunting of Hill House… BodyGuard… Making of the Mob.

Neither of us made the time for our Re-visit which was big trouble in little china so we both failed this one.

Top5 is Top5 opening scenes to a movie…