Independence Day: Dark Fathom… Comic Corner (Titan Comics)

Independence Day: Dark Fathom

Collected Mini Series Issues #1 – 5

Written By Victor Gischler… Art By Steve Scott, Alex Shibao, Tazio Bettin, Rodney Ramos and Ivan Rodriguez… Published by Titan Comics… On Sale June 15th 2016

I figured that because the 365Flicks Podcast is all about Movies and TV shows it would only be fitting for us to review this Collected edition of the Independence Day Mini series that has been published by our good friends at Titan Comics. Yes you read me correct Independence ID Dark Fathom Preview 4Day mini series. As you will hopefully all know there is a big blockbuster sequel coming this summer for the Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum driven Action Flick ID4. Trailer below if you didn’t see it

What you may or may not have been aware of is that much like other big Blockbuster movies as of late, there has been a comic book series to tie-in with the movie. Titan decided to jump into the Independence Day waters (There is a Pun there, you will get it in a minute) and bring us the 5 issue series Independence Day: Dark Fathom. I wanted to soak all this story in so I waited for the collected edition that comes out June 15, you can buy this from all your good Comic providers.

Dark Fathom is somewhat of a new one on me in the way that it connects to not only the new movie but is set right around the same time as the first movie is ending. Literally the book opens right at the point Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum uploaded the virus and the Alien ships started to fall. One ship falls into the Atlantic Ocean  and is being tracked by an American Submarine (See there is the Pun Payoff) and A team of military scientists. We spend the full 5 issues either on the Sub with  some really strong characters or with the away crew who investigate what the Space Craft is up to at the bottom of the Ocean. Is it just hiding out down there? Or is there something more sinister afoot?.

This is a hugely Dialogue driven book with some exhilarating moments of action that I found surprisingly unexpectedID Dark Fathom Preview 1. On writing duties we have Victor Gischler who has written for such great characters like Deadpool, Wolverine and Punisher. I love the dialogue in this book which is great because if the writing is poor it loses me and while it was giving you a lot of info it was all natural and flowed. The Artwork was primarily from Alex Shibao and Steve Scott amongst a couple others and I really liked the tone they were giving me here, It never once detracted from what I was reading but in the moments of action they had there time in the sun with a couple of sexy as hell splash pages. Also the main character of Joshua Adams straight away reminded me of Actor William Fichtner from just about every movie you ever did see, Well upon checking out the IMDB for the new movie William is in it as that character so well done to those guys for hitting his likeness dead on.

So yes Independence Day: Dark Fathom is available on the 15th of June and I whole heatedly recommend this book to all you fair readers. If you were a big fan of the original movie it its a great companion to that and if you are looking forward to the impending Sequel, Its a great lead-in to that too.



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