A hard hitting documentary Ice Guardians is set to skate into theaters across the U.S from October 28 by Upstream Flix.


Speaking from my own personal perspective, Ice Guardians is one of the most interesting gripping documentary’s I have watched recently. Full Disclosure first… I am a Brit, a little Englander if you will so my knowledge of Ice Hockey and the world of that sport is very limited to the Mighty Ducks movies. However I love a good personal Documentary that can engage me in something I know little about. Ice Guardians covers that for me so lets do this.

Director Brett Harvey carefully and passionately explores one of the most controversial and provocative positions in the history the National Hockey League, the Enforcer.

This movie is the Story of the most controversial positions in the world of sport, from its birth (out of little policing by the refs in the game) to today. ‘The Enforcer’ this is a position that has been talked about through the decades. Is it needed? Is it Necessary? Who the hell would take this role in a game of Ice Hockey?. Essentially the role is to be an “Ice Boxer” hit harder and faster than the guy on the opposite side, be such a menace that everyone on your team is safe because the opposition are scared Shit-less to start something because you will get them.

Of course my simplistic analysis above is that of a man before watching this movie. Watch as giants of the game and some of the hardest son of bitches in the position, strip everything back to bare all on the role they play, why they play it and the sheer scrutiny they are are faced with on a day to day basis. I will honestly say I was moved by this Documentary at times, these men are looked at like caged beasts, Unhinged if you want. However these men are exactly that ‘MEN’ with more Honor, Integrity and way more Loyalty than most Sportsmen.

Written by Harvey and Scott Dodds, the film features interviews with NFL greats such as Dave “The Hammer” Schultz, Clark Gillies and Dave Semenko.

We at 365 Highly recommend this Documentary and hope you will it a chance because it is engaging as hell and gives you a deep insight into the role of the Enforcer from the Enforcers point of view. Its not as black and white as you may think and I truly think you will take something away to think from this flick.

I want you all to watch this movie its wonderfully made and deals with a subject like this carefully and with the respect it deserves.

“I came to this fight and a Hockey match broke out”

Ice Guardians will screen in AMC Theaters in locations including Denver (October 28), Boston, Philadelphia, New York (October 28), Washington and Los Angeles.