I Love My Mum… Early Review!!!

I Love My Mum is coming to UK cinemas from 31 May.

An Instant Hit from Amunet Productions, Camelot Films and Director Alberto Sciamma

Prepare yourself Film Fans, for what could be the best British road trip comedy you will have seen in a long time. A bold statement I know however this Low budget Brit comedy punches way above its weight in almost every aspect and lands an absolute knockout for its viewers. When the movie plays up for laughs it is hilarious and this is a massive credit to leading roles Kierston Wareing and Tommy French who have the most incredible chemistry as mother and son.

Hidden in amongst the obvious comedy factor this movie serves as an insight into some real social issues while never ever saying “hey look what we are talking about” Which is a massive part of its charm. Taking these two odd ball characters and slapping them smack dab in the middle of Morocco without Passports or any real identification of any type and having them come against any number of outlandish scenarios, really flipping the script on the Immigrant conversation. This is just one way that this movie navigates around all of your expectations and instantly making itself what I feel could be an instant cult favourite.

Trailer time:


When Ron’s (Tommy French) mum Olga (Kierston Wareing) steals his Camembert Cheese it is the straw that breaks the camels back and he decides that it is time for her to go. Packing her into the car he tells Olga she is gone but first she WILL be buying him some cheese from the 24hr garage. Of course this is a road trip movie so we need some mad cap shenanigans, cue a bust up in the car which leads to them being locked up in a shipping container and transported overseas to Morocco in only there PJs . Now they will have to beg borrow and steal to traverse their way across Europe to get home while discovering a few home truths about themselves and their relationship.

Not bad for a 90 minute movie that literally gets into the action as soon as the opening credits are done and moves along at break neck speed.

Lets talk a moment about our leads because I have got to say they come up top trumps. Tommy French as Ron is somewhat of a revelation, I will hold my hands up and say that I personally don’t think I have seen this actor before and didn’t really expect too much but boy did he impress me, the comedic delivery of a lot of his dialogue is superb and I found him completely believable as a sort of fish out of water put upon son who has just about had enough but would still do just about anything for his mum… Including an epic Karaoke jam. Of course French does have a superb Co-star to bounce off in Kierston Wareing who just nails this role, absolutely nails it. At first I was a little put off by the character but 8-10 minutes into the movie I fell in love with Olga and that love only grew. French and Wareing are a match made in heaven.

We also have somewhat of a treat in supporting cast too, some familiar faces in there with the likes of Dominique Pinon of Delicatessen and Amelie fame (or Vriess from Alien Resurrection as I know him most fondly, I make no apologise) as a french restaurant manager. Friend of 365 and past guest host Kris Johnson puts in a cheeky turn as the MC of the aforementioned epic Karaoke jam, always love to see Kris and much like his turn in Black Site he is playing against type.

huge shout outs also go to Aida Folch as Paloma, providing our love interest for Ron but more than that she kind of steals her scenes away from French. Here is one I didn’t see coming Ex France and Chelsea defender Frank Leboeuf not only turning up but putting in a good little performance too.

Often movies like this can just seem like a series of randomly put together scenarios and yes this movie could easily run the risk of being overly silly but I felt like through some spot-on casting, a great script and masterful directing on the part of Alberto Sciamma this movie expertly avoids becoming one of those movies. A really strong recommend from us here and we think… No we are hugely confident that you will love this movie too.