A Charming and endearing tale of one mans dare to dream attitude and his willingness to break every bone in his body on the way to that dream…

I really had no idea what I was getting into with Harold Buttleman However the sight of the always brilliant John Hawkes in the lead was enough to get my oculars on the movie. What I found was a brilliant indie gem. Hawkes is someone that I often feel gets overlooked because he hasn’t exactly got the face of a leading man (no offense intended) but what he does have is one hell of an extensive range. From Ticky the drug addict in Hardball (if you have never seen this check it out TODAY) to Iron Lung Mark in Sessions (which he was Oscar nominated for) this guy can do it all.

Leomark Studios presents a beautiful re-scan from 35 mm film of the classic, award-winning comedy.

We do find him fairly fresh faced in Harold Buttleman and that is because this movie was made in 2003 and won a handful of festival awards. Since then it seems to have sat on the shelf a little and is finally receiving its on demand release… Available on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play Feb 2, 2018. Its a shame things like this happen to these gems but I am finding this happens more often than I ever thought.

The Pitch:

Oscar Nominee John Hawkes (Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri) is Harold Buttleman, a sweet, charming and somewhat clueless small town tuxedo salesman who wants to be the next Evel Knievel and he is willing to break every bone in his body to get there. Harold teams up with a couple of friends who share his passion for what he wants to accomplish and they shoot a crude video (made in 2003 remember) of some of his “daring, dangerous” stunts in the hopes of selling the footage to there local cable channel and becoming TV sensations.


Buttleman is about to find the life of a daredevil stuntman is harder than it looks when everyone seems to be getting in his way. His parents are not exactly supportive and want him out, while his girlfriend wants him to go out and get a proper job. However he is about to show everyone when he receives the 3am slot and organizes a big premier for the townsfolk. Is Harold about to break out and become the next huge stuntman???

A brilliantly well cast feature including Anita Barone (‘’Curb Your Enthusiasm’’), Karen Black (Easy Rider) and Dan Castellaneta (“The Simpsons”), in wonderful gem of a film that is finally getting its chance to be introduced to audiences worldwide. So check it out.

I had a good time with this movie, Its a quick 90 odd minutes and Hawkes is really good as this lovable simpleton. He had me invested in the character and I wanted him to succeed. Much like small Indie gems that have gone before and will keet going after, there is a quiet and understated beauty to this film, it draws on its charm and the obvious passion from its cast and crew which plays perfect on the screen… Wonderful…

It needs to be mentioned that this is a solid first outing for director Francis Stokes as he has made a tight solid movie that plays up the laughs well and tackles the serious with conviction. I would be interested in checking out his other works.

Available on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play Feb 2, 2018