Get ‘Ready Player One’ as ‘Alienist’ ‘Tremors’ Attack in ‘A Quiet Place’… Help Support Ethel: A Short Movie

We are back for our regular schmegular show where we discuss all the movie news and reviews of the movies we have been watching since the last episode… We kick off with our usual Intro and Banter which this week includes talk of a new crowdfund for a short movie called Ethel help us get this movie made.

News next and talk about Bad Bays 3 being back on, is Bohemian Rhapsody “StraightWashing”?? And do we really need a Lando Spin-Off.

What have we been watching next Including our reviews of Netflix show Safe with a British Michael C Hall, Alienist, Bobby Kennedy for President, Monochrome and Ready Player One… Plus More

This weeks Zero Percenters and Just the Pilot are so short that we put them in the same segment… How was Mark Strongs Deep State and did Shadow Conspiracy deserve Zero Percent.

We round out the show with our revised edition of our Top5 MCU movies after having seen Avenger Infinity War.


00.00 – 1.50 Sudio Promo for 15% Off

1.50 – 19.30 Intro and Banter

19.30 – 27.15 Ethel A short Story Talk

27.15 – 1.00.30 News

1.00.30 – 1.01.30 Second Press Podcast Promo

1.01.30 – 1.54.05 What Have We Been Watching

1.54.05 – 1.55.05 Promo Poop Culture Podcast

1.55.05 – 2.07.00 Just the Pilot & Zero Percenters

2.07.00 – 2.08.30 Sudio 2 promo

2.08.30 – 2.35.20 Top5 MCU movies updated


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