Genesis – Digital Download 9th JULY DVD 16th JULY


While attending MCMLondon Comic Con back in May we of course went to as many Panels as possible. We got to check out the creators of a Scottish based web series called Cops and Monsters who were kicking off there crowdfund that weekend. Monkey Tennis Podcast were recording a live show (It was okay, 365 would of been better). We checked out Dark Rising a new upcoming superhero show with a real difference. There was also the panel for Night Shooters which looked like a great Martial arts/comedy flick. And then there was this, Genesis. We were immediately intrigued because well lets not mess about John Hannah is in the movie and that for me warrants checking out the panel. John Hannah is great Brit actor that you always know even if the movie is not the best his performance will be a shining example. Then we got the trailer for the movie and and my immediate reaction was “That looks right up my street”.

Fast forward a month or two later and I had the chance to watch the flick and give it my thoughts. Cheeky little spoiler for you here, John Hannah is good but this flick has a pretty damn strong cast.

We are a few years into the future, its 2069 and some sort of chemical end of the world type scenario has played out, the remains of humanity now live underground in EDEN. Where scientists like Dr. Eve Gabriel (Olivia Grant, Stardust) and politicians like President Pope (Ed Stoppard, The Crown) seem to be running the show. Yes they are able to go outside but the environment is uninhabitable and the deadly chemical can burn through there safety suits. The scientists do what any reasonable people would do and decide to build ABEL (Chiké Okonkwo, Birth of a Nation and Banshee) a humanoid life-form that will of course be able to with-stand the elements outside. Meanwhile like any good end of the world apocalyptic story the Civilians and the Poor have decided to rise up led enigmatic Paul Brooks (John Hannah, Touch of Cloth) in a sort of Edgar Friendly type role (Hell yes you were not expecting a Demolition Man reference when you opened this review BOOM). However when Abel goes rogue its up to Eve and Paul to figure out the solution to stopping the worst case scenario. Here’s the trailer!!!


Exciting right?. Well truthfully it is. Yes the movie has its flaws as most do however when your dealing with the lower end of the budget scheme you tend to look past the nit picky stuff because what this movie does have in spades is a well crafted world building story that promises to have all the trappings of a potential franchise. Then there is the performances, I was looking forward to seeing some standard John Hannah but what I got was an excellent ensemble of Actors I have seen but not really been shown there full potential. Olivia Grant and Ed Stoppard are superb driving this movie with an especially subtle but nuanced role from Grant that I just ate up all the way through. Then there is Paul Nicholls, yes that Paul Nicholls (Eastenders) who is great in the movie I love being surprised by actors like Nicholls. Quick cheeky mention to one of the hardest grafting Brit actors out there Warren Brown, you have seen him in just about everything ever (including the Bill) and he never disappoints.

This is a strong recommend, I loved the world building, strong ass performances and to be honest I can see a future for a good sequel and possible franchise. Let’s see where this goes. Give it a shot!!!

Lionsgate UK presents Genesis on Digital Download 9th July & DVD 16th July