#106 Indie Talk… Freddy and Fuzmo Fix The World W/ Chris Murray and Matt Rose

We finally had the chance to sit down with the creators and writers of the Tv Puppet show pilot Freddy and Fuzmo Fix the World to talk all things about the journey towards each other and this project, Writing, Puppeteering, Cast and Crew and everything in between.


We really enjoyed having Matt and Chris on to talk about there sitcom based puppet show about a 20 something msle living with two aliens, one of which (Fuzmo) is hoping to fix the worlds problems, when he can be bothered and the other (Grumble) is hell bent on destroying things.

Check the show out on all the usual social medias avenues and give the guys as much support as possible. We love them and think you will too. Check the links below…

Fredy and Fuzmo Facebook

Freddy and Fuzmo Twitter

Freddy and Fuzmo Trailer on Youtube

Thanks again to Hurricane Toby Osmond for bringing us to Chris and Matt, because of course as luck would have it Toby is in the show!!!