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This Review Article is coming to you a tad later than I wanted it to but we had the awesome opportunity to interview the Writer of this book for the Podcast, so that has set the review back a little I will post the Interview later in the post for Y’all. Here is the 365Verdict on the Comic though.

Doctor Who: Ninth Doctor  #1 

Written by Cavan Scott… Art by Adrianna Melo… Published by Ttian Comics… On Sale April 13t

This one is strange Comic review choice for me. Nobody could accuse me of being the worlds biggest Dr Who fan (That’s more Chris field of Expertise, seriously if you could of seen him when being able to geek out about Who when we chatted to Cav9D_Ongoing_01_Cover_C-Adriana-Melo-675x1024an). However like everyone else back in the day when they brought the show back to the BBC with Christopher Eccleston as the Dr. Well I was there on
the couch every week for that. When he parted ways my interest went with him, I have dropped back in from time to time along the way though specially since Capaldi was cast.

Issue #1 picks up right where Cavan left the Mini series last year wherein  the Doctor, Rose and Captain Jack where setting up beacons around the Galaxy to detect anomalies. Obviously this works Instantly and the Tardis receives a distress signal from Captain Jack Harkness (while he is stood there). The message seems to have come from a point in time when Jacks memory had been wiped. The doctor sets a course. They get to Gharusa Prime to find that the Dr is a massive celebrity on this Planet.

The story from there becomes expectedly more and more strange and confusing, when we meet the Dr’s number one fan and the Dr of this planet bumps into the gang with his companion Penny, who puts Rose’s nose out of joint a tad and of course we end the issue on an unexpected cliffhanger.

The main thing I love in this book (and yes you will accuse me of being biased, I dont care). The dialogue is great, It captures all the sensibilities of the role Eccleston put on screen. You can tell this story was crafted by someone who is creating A love letter to the character he adores. There are moments that did make me think I could have done with being a bigger fan of the material but that was remedied by Rose referencing Spider-man (Reminding me, You dont have to get everything) so I was good. The Art work by Adrianna Melo is exactly what you might hope for in a companion comic to the show. The way She has captured Eccleston and Piper’s mannerisms is truly something, while this is not typically my type of comic characterization I would have moaned if it wasn’t so close. She is a hell of talented artist. I recommend checking out here Page, Link above.


This for me is a great combination of Artist and Writer they complement each other wonderfully and they feel like extensions of each other. Scott’s fast paced often manic storytelling is paced well by Melo’s style. I said at the start of this Review I am by no means as big a Who fan as Chris but Issue 1 of this new On-Going series pulled me into a world I wasnt sure I could be pulled into.

This issue is already available to purchase at any good Comic Book store or on your Digital Apps for Ipads and what not. There is also the Titan Comics website you could visit just click the link. I do recommend you give this one a look and I myself look forward to Issue 2.

Kevin Haldon


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Sooooo Yeah the Interview. We had the chance to interview Cavan Scott for the Podcast about Dr Who:Ninth Dr and Vikings (Also published by Titan Comics, Review coming). He was such a gent and a great guy to speak to. A nerd to the core like us. We spoke all things really including his past works, current works and hopes for future work. We even got his opinion on BvS and found out the work he is doing on Star Wars comic books is 100% canon. Hell I am in spoiler territory here, Listen to the Interview.