Doomed Review and 365 Meet Director Marty Langford “Doomed The Untold Story of Roger Cormans Fantastic Four”

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Chris and I were sent a copy of Documentary Doomed The Untold Story of Roger Corman’s Fantastic Four by the kind people at Uncork’d Entertainment. If you are a Movie fan or a fan of Comic Book Movies, the chances are that you know the story behind what happened… But do you know the Truth behind the scenes???

This was the question that drove Marty Langford to making this Documentary. Armed with a belly full of Passion and having an already strong relationship with friend and Producer Mark Sikes (the Casting Assistant of the Roger Corman Movie). They set out to discover exactly what happened to the movie that was Doomed from the outset.

We are told the tale via pretty much all the important people involved, including the Core Cast, the Crew and Roger Corman himself. However no real comments from the guys at Fox, Marvel or Neue Constantin. Its a very open and frank detailing of the Passion that all involved had while making a Movie they thought was going to make them break out talent and the Pain they endured upon realizing all was not as it seemed.


Doomed The Untold Story of Roger Cormans Fantastic Four 

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Watch as the Cast tell us how they sunk there own money into there efforts to promote the movie as it neared release. How Stan Lee spent time on the set with the Cast and Crew only to turn his back on the production. Make your own mind up as to whether or not Avi Arad indeed burnt all the negatives. Can you figure out how one of the most Infamous Bootlegs in Geek Culture made its way to almost every Comic Con??? Will we ever get a remastered version of the Fantastic Four movie that criminally never was but needs its day in the sun???.


We cannot recommend this movie enough to you guys. Its a huge YES from us.

We at 365HQ were also afforded the chance to interview Director Marty Langford for the Show. He was truly a gent and helped open our eyes to a little bit more to the inside story. Listen Below… Interview is about the 49 minute mark.