Doctor Who: Supremacy of the Cybermen #1… Comic Corner (Titan Comics)

Doctor Who: Supremacy of the Cybermen #1

5oth Anniversary Mini-Series

Written By George Mann & Cavan Scott… Art By Alessandro Vitti, Ivan Rodriguez, Tazio Bettin… Colors By  Nicola Righi, Enrica Eren Angiolini… Published By Titan Comics… On Sale July 6th 2016

Anyone wDW_Event_2016_#1_Cover_Aho has listened to more than 10 minutes of our Podcast will know that Chris is the Dr Who fan. I myself have only ever seen the full Christopher Eccleston series and bits and pieces here and there. However since we got the chance to wax lyrical with new friend of the show Cavan Scott about all things The Dr and everything else he would let us grill him on. Well I have to be honest I am way more open to giving these books a go, and with the Hotly anticipated 50th anniversary of the Cybermen crossover having just dropped, Well who am I to say no.

As you might hope #1 starts with some pretty valuable exposition making it pretty easy for me to jump right in. Basically what I got from the “previously on” is that the 12th Doctor showed mercy on some dude called Rasillon (I know Chris don’t judge me, I should know all this) he exiled the dude and now he is not a happy bunny. Add to this, that decision has caused a ripple effect in all of the Doctors past incarnations. For you see this Anniversary Mini Series stars not only the 12th Doctor but also the 9th, 10th, and 11th. We spend the first issue chopping between each of the 4 doctors in estranged situations and trying to figure out exactly what is rotting in Denmark and why. 

Fear not though good reader for each of the Doctors have there companions that you know and love. The EcclestCybermen Preview 3on Doctor is accompanied by Rose, Captain Jack and Rose’s mum (Side note, Chris and I interviewed Camille who played Rose’s mum in the show and it was awesome, however I had not set my recorder up properly so you will have to take my word for it). Matt Smith  has Alice Obifune and David Tennant has Gabby and Cindy.

Cavan and George have done a great good at getting right into Issue 1 and hooking you straight away, which is great because as a reader who doesn’t really know 2 of the 4 Doctors in this book or even what the Cybermen are, I did feel slightly dubious going in. The dialogue is pretty damn fluid and I could sense the different character traits in each Doctor. The wrestling gag helped as well. Art wise these guys pretty much nail each section of the story. You have 4 very different settings and atmospheres and you can feel the difference in each one, in other words the Art is on point. I find this to be a solid start to to what can only be described as a massive event in Doctor Who comics. I may not be a massive fan but come on 4 Doctors, Gallifrey, All your favorite Companions and the Cybermen…. What is not to love about this. If your a Dr Who fan get this bought you will love it.


Doctor Who Comic Book Day 9th July 2016

DWCD banner

The release of Issue 1 of this massive crossover Mini Series is to coincide with Doctor Who Comics Day. What is this Kevin?? Well I am glad you asked because I have a cheeky little link right HERE. Click into it and go read about the the various events that have been organised by Titan Comics for Doctor Who Comics Day. It looks like there is a ton of things on the go like Signings with Artists and Writers. It looks like  a good time to be a Whovian.


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