DEMONS in theaters and On Demand this October

The devil comes to town this October when Demons, written, directed and starring Miles Doleac, hits theaters and VOD from Uncork’d Entertainment.

Its definitely becoming a recurring trend in the horror genre these days, to have an Exorcist style possession movie with very little emphasis on the actual exorcism. Which means that you have to be fairly skilled, confident in the script and your ability to pull off a psychological thriller of this vein.

Following 2016 movie The Hollow, Writer, Director and prolific jobbing Actor Miles Doleac brings us psychological thriller Demons… A mixture of Exorcism of Emily Rose and The Shining. Here is the Trailer then the Pitch…


Demons is told in two sections, we have the story that is unfolding today and we flash back 8 years to the tragic events that still effect our main characters lives. Father Colin Hampsted (Miles Doleac himself) left the priesthood some years back and is now a highly celebrated author of fiction novels. He and his wife Kayleigh (Lindsay Anne Williams) run a pretty well known Bed and Breakfast and this weekend they are hosting a wedding for one of Colin’s best friends. With the stage set we can start to get into the shenanigans of the movie. Through numerous flashbacks we find out why the good father left the faith, who Kayleigh is and why they are being haunted by her dead sister. Throw in some nudity, a couple of decent jump-scares and you are well on your way to a decent thriller.

Andrew Divoff (Wishmaster), John Schneider (‘’Smallville’’), Lindsay Anne Willams (The Hollow), Steven Brand (Hellraiser : Revelations), Kristina Emerson (“NCIS : New Orleans”), and Gary Grubbs (Free State of Jones) co-star star in a goosebump-stirring new spookfest from Historia Films, the makers of The Hollow and The Historian.

Something I have said in reviews time and time again is that a well written script and a director with a keen eye can often wallpaper the cracks of an average movie. Demons is just that, I will admit straight off that i’m a little tired of this genre but Doleac did just enough to keep me going. His script is decent and flows due to solid performances from a solid cast especially Doleac. I personally thought the twist in the third act comes a bit too late but on the whole I cant fault the choices made too harshly. 

While this film didn’t take me to places I have never been its great to see Miles Doleac really hammering out a script he can work with. For that reason it is a recommend… A soft one but a recommend none the less.