Dead Rising: Endgame… On Blu Ray and DVD Now

There are a plethora of really shitty movies based on Games being released each year. None of them holding a candle to the source material it is based on. However each and every time I get suckered in because I want to be impressed by these attempts, as a movie fan and a gamer I need to be impressed. Lets be honest the premise of the Dead Rising games is just about absurd enough to work as a movie and with this being the second outing well have they learnt.

Based on the worldwide smash-hit video game series, Dead Rising: Endgame is the sequel to Dead Rising: Watchtower. Directed by Pat Williams (Continuum), written by Michael Ferris (Terminator Salvation) and Tim Carter (Mortal Kombat: Legacy) and starring Jesse Metcalfe, Marie Avgeropoulos and Dennis Haysbert.

Journalist Chase Carter Heads back into a quarantine zone to find the truth as to what happened to his partner. He and a small group of Journalists want to expose the creators of the outbreak. What he is going to find is a huge cover up that is going to threaten everything. General Lyons (Dennis Haysbert, President Palmer in 24 “Yaaaay”), is a Military officer who will never let anyone get in his way. Racing against the clock, Chase and crew must slice, hack and use any weapon at there disposal to find there way through the zombie hordes and out of the quarantine zone.

I really couldn’t figure out where I stood with this movie at first. I felt like I maybe should of been on the side of thinking it was hot trash. However the Dialogue all though Cheesy at times suits the world its in. The acting although not exactly Andrew Lincoln levels is pretty damn good for this type of flick. Budget and effects wise I had no complaints you could see they hadn’t cheaped out on the practical or the FX on the Zombies they were genuinely scary and brought a certain amount of originality.

I would recommend you see this movie. Go into expecting a fun action packed romp of a movie. Brad Pitts World War Z this movie is not, Zack Snyder’s Dawn of the Dead Remake this movie also is not, but the best thing is that it knows its not those movies, it knows its a Dead Rising tie-in and it brings all of that together in this glorious fun time at the movies. Who knew Jesse Metcalfe was a total Bad Ass????


Also check out the Billy Zane scene, Love that this guy is still working.