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Dark Souls #1

Written by George Mann… Art by Alan Quah… Published by Titan Comics… On sale April 20th

I started the Comic Book corner on this great website as a way to ignite my love of the paneled books once again anDarkSouls1_CoverAd have found that now more than ever there seems to be an abundance of Comics that serve to accompany the Movies, TV shows and Games that we all love. I knew Walking Dead had an already top notch Comic it was following but I was fairly surprised to see that a game I enjoy playing now has a new Comic Book series to go with it. Dark Souls, you know the game… Yeah that one with the steepest learning curve ever (I know I spent about 100 hours on the first level).

It is definitely a great time to be a Geek or a fanboy when all our favorite stories are crossing platforms and in the hands of a Titan Comics Alum on books like Doctor Who you know that a Dark Twisted Mythological story like this is in great hands with George Mann. The Art is beautiful this book is gorgeously dark and nails every single tone it is going for making each panel a bonafide screensaver. I dont claim to be an Aficionado of the comic book industry but I know what I like and I love this.

Book 1 jumps straight into the story with a scroll like page giving us a brief history of the coming story. We meet our main Antagonist the Knight Fira and her companion Scyrer. They are on a quest of sorts to locate a Dragons tooth. What follows is your standard Side quest type story in which you get to inevitable battle at the end. While there is not a lot to chew on Story wise, Much like the Bandai/Namco Dark Souls games the scenery is just delicious meaning this is something I can sit on, but I do expect to get more story as the books progress.

As a fan of the Games this is a nice companion to drop as the 3rd game was released which to be fair is selling really well so you can understand why people would want a little more content in-between pauses or Rage Quitting (I know I do this a lot). 

The good news is that the People have spoken and Issue #1 which was released by Titan on the 20th of April sold out on its first day so they have rushed into a second print run of the book which you will be able to purchase from stores on the 18th of May so look out for that and get it while you can.

My final thought for you guys is that this Book is a decent read, Not a massive deal of story but enough Visceral dark twisted imagery to satisfy any fan of the Game its based around… So go grab it.


Kevin Haldon


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