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Comic: The Walking Dead #164 (Image) Brief Season 7×09 Chat

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Story: Robert Kirkman
Art: Charlie Adlard, Cliff Rathburn, Stefano Gaudiano
Cover: Charlie Adlard, Dave Stewart
Published: February 15, 2017
Diamond ID: DEC160746 

Here it is folks, your second issue of The Walking Dead this month you lucky nerds. The same week that the second half of the new series started up again too. I may cover that at the end of this review as well if the mood takes me.

With the crazy all out Walkers attacking Alexandria in last weeks issue Kirkman decided to pump the breaks a little bit and split the story, which is always nice because it means we can drop in on who is where. Andrea is still leading the charge to strip the herd away from the main compound, Carl is pretty perplexed at not really being able to get in the thick of the action. However this issue lives with Negan and Rick once again showcasing what Kirkman can do with two guys in a room bullshitting.

After Rick having been saved by Negan when he could have easily just left him for dead, the pair manage to hold up in one of the houses and what ensues is some fantastic wordplay from Negan (Does anybody else hear Jeffrey Dean Morgan when they read Negan dialogue now??). I mean seriously can Kirkman find anymore creative ways for the use of the word Fuck for Negan. I touched on the slight glimmer of the baddest guy in comics trying to talk Rick round to trusting him and they really hammer that home this issue. I do love the thought of him changing his ways but I would love for all of this to be a power play on his behalf.

This was a good solid issue with not a massive deal going on but we got a chance to take a breath and spend some time with our favorite villain, and its always good to remind ourselves of how good Kirkman can be writing beefy dialogue.

Next up is #165 Opportunity coming March 1st…


Soooo okay Walking Dead the Tv show started back this week and it was…. Ok. I neither loved it or hated it so what I am gonna do is pick out 3 moments worth talking about for better or worse.

The survivors meet ‘King’ Ezekiel

I loved this whole little bit and the spots that happened throughout, from the Kingdom gate keepers meeting the survivors outside all Monty Python style on the horses to Jesus saying “oh yeah I forgot to mention the Tiger”. Even when Morgan does his best Carol and says “People will die” I was okay with that.

Garroting the Walkers with cars

This scene probably goes straight into my top5 Walking Dead moments ever. We will never see it again, it was campy as hell but they did it great and I loved it (so shut up). Nice work Nicotero you god.

Trevor, sorry Simon is a better Negan than Negan

Simon turns up at Alexandria and tears shit up all Negan style, only he does it a tad better and way more Rapey Sinister like.

I would say this episode was average, it had moments but I dunno maybe I am just a bit closer to calling time on the show than I first thought. Lets see what happens next episode.

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