Circus Kane on DVD this October…

“Did you know the human head weighs 8 pounds”

That’s right folks that cute little bugger from Jerry Maguire is all growed up and facing down scary killer clowns, booby trapped houses and twist-y turn-y twists and turns, so step right up and try your luck at Balthazar Kane’s house of pain.

Jonathan Lipnicki (Jerry Maguire), Mark Christopher Lawrence (Cooties) and Tim Abell (Sniper : Special Ops) head up the cast of Christopher Douglas Olen-Ray’s Circus Kane, “one of those midnightfilms that will bring you back to the days of your youth and trips to the circus, minus all the bloodshed and killer mimes” (Dread Central).

This october Circus Kane brings back the booby trapped mansion horror genre of our childhoods, that Im sure I hadn’t actually missed but hey ill roll with it for now. I guess it is 31 days of horror too so may as well. Circus Kane is the story of 7 or 8 complete strangers, comprised of the most obnoxious unlikable and just plain assholes you could find. Making it pretty easy to root for the villain. Our group of dead meats are all invited to spend the night in the home of the legendary Balthazar Kane and to win the 250k all they have to do is survive, and  they actually go (Stoopid).

What follows is a room by room Saw like scenario with scary Killer Clowns, Barb Wire jungle gyms, plenty of black light and more quippy one liners than the entirety of Arnies career to date. You know what cue the trailer…


There is a lot to like here in this above average horror flick (a lot to hate too) Director Christopher Douglas-Olen Ray has done a pretty good job with what he had and makes some pretty bold choices regarding effects to give the feeling of chaos, the sort of moves that any other time may just cause head aches for the viewers however Olen Rey made it work. This movie ticks all your genre boxes, it does exactly what it says on the tin (like Ronseal). Tim Abell as Balthazar Kane is the shining light of the movie and steals every section of the flick he appears in making him my MVP of Circus Kane, I normally hate spoilers but when he delivers Lipnicki’s famed line from Jerry Maguire (top of article) Well I just about pissed my pants and subsequently punched my fist in the air. 

So the elephant in the room… Lipnicki… I didnt hate him in this which is a good thing because I think they are banking the movie on him (as they should). They need not worry because he gets pretty much all the lines and its really hard to like any of the other characters. I want to see this kid doing way more and making some outside the box choices. 

This is a recommend from me… Not a strong one but it does what its meant to and is that not the minimum you want from your movies???.  James Cullen Bressack and Zack Ward did a real good job on scripting duties and make it fresh enough to work. So yes I recommend it and hey its 31 days of horror so what do you have to lose?.

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