Chasing Shadows… Early Review

British Noir Crime Thriller Chasing Shadows Coming Soon

After having Secured World Wide Distribution…

The more I dive into what the British Independent movie world has to offer, the more gems I come across. A lot can be said for a movie that has a lower budget than my yearly wage. No they wont be all singing and all dancing like the latest Marvel movie but it means a director has to sharpen his skill set and use EVERYTHING they have, cast accordingly and chase their vision. I personally have a special place in my movie vault heart for Independents and when I see ‘Feature Film Debut’, well that’s a double tick.

With all this said its no surprise that when I crossed paths with Chasing Shadows a British writer/director feature film debut, your damn right i’m gonna check it out. Add in the fact that while this flick was still in post production Director Aoun Khan managed to take a teaser trailer to Cannes and secure World Wide Distribution, secure a limited cinema release followed by a DVD and VOD release… Which let me tell you is most impressive. How does the flick measure up though?.

First up here is the trailer…


We kick off this British noir crime thriller with Henry (Cengiz Dervis) a former detective whose life seems to be on the ropes, battling with his addiction to pain killers and trying to keep his marriage together. Henry is called in to help the police in his hometown when the bodies of young women start showing up and he is embroiled in a dangerous game of cat and mouse with a brutal serial killer. Life is about to really spiral out of control as he is being pressured to solve the case, trying to keep the peace with his missus and dealing with colleagues that frankly don’t want him anywhere near this case.

As I mentioned up top when you don’t necessarily have the biggest budget ever, you best make sure you cast as best you possibly can because if the script and the performances are solid that is where your movie will live and this movie lives in its performances. Cengiz Dervis is great in the lead as Henry and plays the disjointed addiction addled broken detective superbly, Playing off Julie Rose Smith as his long suffering yet doting wife Lyla in a partnership that feels as natural as it is strained. Shout out to Lloyd Sparsi as Max who I personally feel steals the flick with an intense performance in a role he was able to sink his teeth into. Rounding out the cast we have solid performances from Faye Sewell, Kevin Golding and the always dependable Alex Reece.

Aoun Khan has done a fantastic job with his first feature film Chasing Shadows. Is it perfect? No but then show me a movie that is. However he has written a solid script with a compelling story. The cast are all great and visually It stands up against any other flick. Khans direction is on point including some wonderful shots that make you sit back, one in particular drone shot springs to mind. Making this guy one to watch out for.

For me this is a recommend, there is a lot to enjoy and be engaged by in Chasing Shadows, A Brit crime noir Thriller that does everything it sets out to do. There are issues in places but all are forgivable considering what has been done with what the cast and crew have. Seek out this movie and give it your time.