Batman: The Enemy Within Episode Four… Download on All Platforms

Award-winning developer and publisher of digital entertainment Telltale Games, alongside DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, today premiered episode four of Batman: The Enemy Within, a five-part game series that continues Telltale’s unique take on the World’s Greatest Detective.

Being a huge Batman fan and given how much I am loving these TellTale games, I am always excited when a new episode comes along and look forward to jumping into some poorly made ill informed decision based gaming (that’s just how I roll). Ever since TellTale started putting out the Walking Dead version of the games I have been all in and get a kick from them no matter how desperate the world gets for these characters.


Throw some Batman at me and your damn right ive been playing them and I have been enjoying the shit out of them so bring on Season 2 Episode 4.

Episode four, ‘What Ails You,’ is now available for download on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Mac, and mobile. A special Batman: The Enemy Within Season Pass Disc for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 is also available at retailers across North America and Europe. The disc includes the first episode of the season, as well as download access to all subsequent episodes as they are released.

So whats in store for all you Batman fans in Episode 4?

When the Pact puts its plan into motion, Bruce’s cover is finally blown, and as his web of lies unravels, new questions emerge: When and how will the Pact regroup? What’s truly motivating Amanda Waller and the Agency? And perhaps most importantly, how will John Doe handle the truth about his buddy Bruce? With another showdown brewing, the clown prince of crime may finally earn his crown…

Just in case your not fully clued up on what these TellTale games are exactly, here is a little blurb about what you can expect.

Rendered to look like a living, breathing comic book, Telltale’s vision of Batman features an award-winning cast of talent including Troy Baker, who returns to reprise his role as Bruce Wayne, as well as Anthony Ingruber, who reprises his fresh take on ‘John Doe,’ better known to fans as The Joker.
This new season is intended to be accessible to both returning fans and newcomers alike, though players’ choices from the first season of Batman – The Telltale Series will optionally carry over into The Enemy Within. This season also includes Telltale’s unique multiplayer ‘Crowd Play’ feature, which allows friends and family to engage with the adventure together by helping to decide the direction of the story from any mobile device with an online connection.
Get it today on all Platforms… Review for the Episode 4 incoming.