Another For Your Ears… ARROW Podcast with Sam and Dan

The Arrow Video Podcast With Sam And Dan is a bi-weekly film discussion show. Join hosts Sam Ashurst and Dan Martin as they discuss past, present and future Arrow titles, as well as all their favourite rare and obscure movies,  Arrow news, exclusives, and occasional guests. It’s a must-listen for film fans and cult collectors.

I know it seems a little odd for a guy who Created and Hosts an Entertainment Podcast to then be selling another Podcast to you, but one thing I have found in the almost 3 years we have been doing this is that ‘if we cant all help each other out, who will??’.

The lovely folks over at Arrow Video asked us a little while back to help let the world at large find there new official Podcast. Well you all know I respect you wonderful listeners/readers to much to be recommending any old bumpf, so with that in mind I decided to check out the first few offerings. 

Listen, and subscribe, at Soundcloud and iTunes- we hope you can tune in!

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This is a podcast I suggest you add to your docket, if you are into your more ‘Out-There’, lesser known Cult movies and like listening to two guys who are clearly massively passionate and just as knowledgeable about movies you probably forgot about or just never heard of. The chemistry between Sam and Dan is undeniable and they work well together making this podcast a joy to listen to and often having you feel like part of the conversation. Arrow as a company are always releasing great upgrades of some of your favorites which is where Sam and Dan come in. They go through the new release and have in depth conversations about the movies as they look now compared to how they remember them, which while entertaining can also serve as a ‘should you or shouldn’t you’ recommendation upon release.

Heres a little about the hosts…

About Dan Martin
A film fan from childhood and a special effects artist from his teens, Dan has designed for the likes of Harmony Korine, Guillem Moralles, Martin Scorsese, Alexander Aja and, most regularly, Ben Wheatley. He also teaches special effects, is on film conversation panels for institutions like the British Library and Cigarette Burns and writes his own stuff occasionally, too.

About Sam Ashurst
During his time as a film journalist, Sam Ashurst interviewed everyone from David Lynch to David Cronenberg, Dario Argento to Quentin Tarantino, Frank Henenlotter to Arnold Schwarzenegger, and many, many more. After winning Total Film’s ‘Best Scare’ FrightFest Award for his short film HELL’S GARDEN, he’s now in development on his first feature.

As you can see both these gents have got a fair bit of insight into many facets of the machine which makes them often the perfect hosts. 

I recommend you give these guys a shot (after listening to us of course). At an hour per episode with a fair few different segments, its a quick listen. So do it.

Heres a cheeky synopsis if there first episode to whet your appetite:

Episode 001
Arrow Video’s bi-weekly podcast launches its first edition with an in-depth discussion of their recent 4K-restored release ofTHE BIRD WITH THE CRYSTAL PLUMAGE.
Join hosts Sam Ashurst (HELL’S GARDEN) and Dan Martin (FREE FIRE) as they discuss Dario Argento’s debut movie, going into detail about specific scenes and the disc’s special features, as well as selecting their ‘Thank you Blu-ray!’ moments.
Over the course of the discussion, you’ll hear about a variety other films, including DEEP RED, ANATOMY OF A MURDER, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO SOLANGE?, I KILLED EINSTEIN GENTLEMEN, KILLERS ON WHEELS and TOMORROW I’LL GET UP AND SCALD MYSELF WITH TEA, as Sam and Dan make recommendations based on the films they’ve also watched over the past fortnight.

Also listen out for an exclusive clip of Alice Lowe (PREVENGE) discussing her work on Arrow’s upcoming release THE GHOUL in the ‘Extra Features’ section of the podcast, because we’re nice like that.



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