#97 Bring Me Zee Umlauts.. Latest News, Quickie Reviews, Top5 of 2007-2017 Feat. Dir Tom Paton

Kev and Chris are back in the booth after a short impromptu break and they are back to there awesome greatness with a chocka block episode full of Movies, Tv and much much more Entertainment Talk.

We are kick off the show with a super long intro and pimpage section which to be fair goes on way to long. We tell everyone that we can now be found on Spotify so its easier for you all to find us. Chris updates us on his short movie which is going well. Then we tell you about our Spin-Off show hitting your ears in 2018.


Then its News time. Singer is out of the Freddie Mercury Biopic, Tarantino has pitched a Star Trek story to JJ, Adam Sandler doesnt read reviews and Ridley Scott refuses to let Alien go.

What have We been Watching is up next and the lads give cheeky reviews of the Movies and the Shows they have watched since the last episode Including:

Next up is Just the Pilot which was Sky 1s Sick Note starring Ron Weasley himself Rupert Grint and Nick Frost, Should you give this show a chance based off the pilot??

0%rs is back and the guys watched Christian Slater driven Stranded from 2013 from the director of the famed Battlefield Earth.

Top5 time and its Top5 of the last decade 2007 – 2017 and guest, friend of the show and all round awesome guy Tom Paton sent in his picks for the guys to play during there picks.


Intro and Pimpage                                           00.00 – 24.02

News                                                              24.02 – 53.07

What Have We Been Watching                        53.07 – 1.59.50

Just the Pilot                                              1.59.50 – 2.08.47

0%rs                                                         2.08.47 – 2.28.46

Top5 Of the Decade feat Tom Paton              2.28.46 – 3.33.00

  • Tom Paton Top5   3.05.17 – 3.15.36