#94 SpaceyGate News and Reviews Valerian/ House of Screaming Death.. Top5 and More

Thats right folks we are inching ever so closer to episode 100 but we still have so much more for your ears in the meantime.

A little bit of housekeeping first including a course you can join in all aspects of Film Making and an up coming spin off show we have been toying with may just be headed your way soon.


Then its the News and obviously we talk about the Spacey in the room as well as many more news stories that have hit our radar.

The Zero per center this week is Noel Clarkes 2014 Sci-Fi mind bender The Anomaly. Followed by Just the Pilot and The Deuce…

After that the lads discuss what the have been watching lately with some good and some terrible (Jeepers Creepers3 anyone). We discuss our feeling on Valerian, House of Screaming Death, Brigsby Bear and TV show Border Control.

We finish with our now world famous Top5 section chosen by Chris so he can get Clippy.