#87 Kev Does Rob Schneider from Jaws… DCEU/ Just The Pilot/ Zero Percenters **Ridiculous 6** Quickie Reviews, GOTG2

Thats right we are back for Episode 87 and its another Jam Packed episode.

we open with our world class Banter about Chris and his shitty week. Before moving over to our first segment Just the Pilot in which we review Tv Movie 7 days in hell (Thats right Tv Movie, Chris cheated shhhhh).

Then we hear the Big Ben Bongs and we bring you all the News of the last couple of weeks, including whats going on with the DCEU and much much much more.


We move on to What Have You Been Watching which this time brings reviews of Guardians Of the Galaxy 2, Netflix show Defenders and Netflix movie Death Note… Movies Wakefield, and Churchill. Tv shows Still Game and Glow.

Zero Percenters is the 2015 Adam Sandler Classic Ridiculous 6 and we discuss if we think it deserves 0%… Spoiler Alert “It Does”.

This weeks Top5 is Movie and Tv theme tunes everyone had as ringtones. Kev even lets his Wife choose his Top5 for him