#79 Just the Pilot (Riverdale) Shitty Audio, Pissy Reviews, News, Zero Per-Centers, Top5 of 2017 So Far

First off a cheeky PSA. For whatever reason our Audio was pretty shitty this episode and I have smacked my head off the walls trying to fix it but I got it to a place that is audible. So please bear with us. We will be better next time I promise.


We kick off with our awesome ritualistic intro and cheeky banter before we jump straight into News. Han Solo movie has hit a snag, Amy Pascal just will not shut up and we are getting a Death Note movie.

Just the Pilot is back and this time we talk Riverdale **Shiver**

Next up it our Quickie Reviews section of classics like Guy Richies King Arthur, House Of Cards, Raiders Documentary and many more.

Zero Per-centers kicks off pretty well with Ballistic: Ecks Vs Sever… Does it deserve to be the worst reviewed movie on ****.

Rounding off we bring our Top5 Movies of 2017 So Far.