#77 Indie Talk… Charles Chester Creator of Boy Zero (Graphic Novel) **Documentary Talk**

Charles Chester joined us on Indie Talk to tell us all about his Graphic Novel Boy Zero. A book that we had the opportunity to read and Thoroughly enjoyed.

However before we get to the Pimpage of this great book, we find out how Charles found his love of the Dark and Mysterious in his early days of Lockpicking. We briefly turn to his stint of making Short movies (one of which we watched).

Then its all about Boy Zero and the mans other future projects.


Some Links for Boy Zero should you like to pick one up (which we recommend)

We recommend the hell out of Boy Zero and hope you will check it out, its a must for anyone who is a fan of movies and stories like Seven, IT, Stand By Me and most everything Stephen King.

Thank You to Andrea Molinari for recommending Charles come find us.

Oh crap I forgot this interview will be making its way into a Documentary about Charles and his journey with Boy Zero. Listen past the credits to hear all about it.