#75 Boar Spunk, Guardians 2 & Ghost In The Shell, News, Just The Pilot, Top5 Hidden Gems

Finally the lads are back in Site A… The Podcave… The Fortress of Poditude. and we are choc full with all our goodness. Starting with our usual intro and top Bants but the lads forget the Pimpage, We move straight into our long awaited Just the Pilot section in which we talk about the Frontier Pilot and if we would keep on watching it… Next show we will be watching just the Pilot of is Taken… Why not have a watch also??


The News next and we cover some Justice League hate, Joss Whedons Batgirl and Star Trek Discovery looking the balls. Oh and Kev discovered a local farm that produces and sells Boar Semen.

First we cover the Pimpage that we forgot… Then we have our usual What have we been watching Review section in which the lads talk about:

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We round up the show with our Top5 Hidden Gems of the last decade that we think you may not have seen.