#74 13 Reasons Why, Arnie Top5, News & Quickie Reviews, Last Action Hero

WE kick this episode off with our usual awesome 365 Banter moving swiftly into the news however Kev has other plans as he decided to derail procedings to gush over 13 Reasons why (Spoiler talk after the end credits).

Then its time for the news where Chris is surprised to learn Logan is getting the Noir treatment and the lads discuss the fact that Marvel seems to want girls to diet.

This episodes Quickie reviews are of Nicholas Hoult and Henry Cavills Sand Castle, One man movie Mine with Armie Hammer. Kev is confused by 12 Monkeys Tv show and both the lads have partaking in some reading. Kev with VideoSyncratic a book about the life and death of the video store and Chris with a comic.

Its Top5 time and this week in honour of the Last Action Hero re-watch we talk Top5 Arnie movies… Did yours make the grade??

Cheeky review of last action hero to round off the show, oh and we even squezze in some Politics talk.

But wait there is more, stick around after the credits to hear kevs theory on the season finale of 13 reasons…